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Comment: Re:Liable *of not acting upon obvious infringement (Score 1) 164

by zAPPzAPP (#46198369) Attached to: German Domain Registrar Liable For Copyright Infringement

Investigating this would involve a lot of work:
1) Figuring out who, or what 'Robin Thicke' is.
2) Matching the music on the site, if there is any, with whatever this person/band produces and see if its the same stuff.
3) Check wether they have the rights to distribute it.

I personally would not know how to even manage step 3 and I do not see how it could be economical for the company to go through this procedure for every email/automatic complaint they receive.
Forwarding the complaint seems like the reasonable solution. They are not even the hoster of the material/website after all.

Comment: Re:Wii U problem is not underpowered. (Score 1) 559

by zAPPzAPP (#46022715) Attached to: How Can Nintendo Recover?

If the target market is defined as casuals, that do not care that much about graphics and just want the cheap entry level, but fun gaming console, then why would those people buy an upgraded Wii?
The Wii sold a lot of consoles, so I'll assume this target demographic mostly already owns a Wii.

What does the upgrade offer these Wii owners? Better graphics? But we just defined graphics as not important.

The way I see it, the only really important upgrade in graphics is the one that makes it look acceptable on the current standard of fullHD TVs.
And this seems to be a problem while maintaining super cheap.

Comment: Re: For / While in C (Score 1) 533

by zAPPzAPP (#46004009) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Most Often-Run Piece of Code -- Ever?

This would usually happen in (microcontroller-)hardware, not in code:
a hardware counter (running on a specified timebase) and a hardware interupt.

The code which would be in every watch would be the one for loading the counter, but it would not be the same in every watch, as it would differ depending on clock frequency and controller used.

Comment: Re:And this is somehow supposed to be a surprise? (Score 2, Insightful) 1010

by zAPPzAPP (#45824195) Attached to: New Study Shows One-Third of Americans Don't Believe In Evolution

'humans and other living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time'?
If this is really how they presented the question, then I dare say that a good amount of those 33% did not understand what was being asked here.
Someone who has no preference on the topic, or in science in general, would not necessarily make the connection to evolution, or even biology with such an abstract wording.

Comment: Re:Get Off My Lawn (Score 3, Insightful) 457

by zAPPzAPP (#45810727) Attached to: Researchers Claim Facebook Is 'Dead and Buried' To Many Young Users

This is about communication, so yes, you are forced to use something that the other side also uses. Because communication involves at least two people.

Sure, the UNIX nerd from 1980 can sit alone with his box and hack away, so all is fine. Typical slashdot reaction.

Comment: Re:Sound proofing... (Score 2) 110

by zAPPzAPP (#45795167) Attached to: Metamaterials Developed To Bend Sound Waves, Deflect Tsunamis

Too bad a single setup of meta material typically only works for a very specific wavelength.
So, it could be helpful with applications using a defined wavelength (for example soundproofing an array of many ultrasonic transcievers from each other to reduce interference), but it won't mask you from a wide array of sounds.

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