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Comment: So it can place parts... (Score 1) 43

by zAPPzAPP (#47561475) Attached to: A Look At the Firepick Delta Circuit Board Assembler (Video)

How do I feed it parts?

I can see two rolls kind tucked to the side there, with tape just loosely hanging out. Would it somehow take parts out of those?

What about designs with lots of different parts?
Parts that don't come on rolls (this is about small numbers and prototypes after all)?
How much time goes into preparing all the parts for pick up?

Comment: I'd rather have it as a service (Score 1) 127

I only need a 3D printer in rare occasions, which does not justify buying one.
So I would like to get easy access to one.

Take a better, faster, more expensive printer.
Put it in a vending machine like case and sell the printing service by time/volume maybe?
Couple it with a 3d scanner, so I can scan in some part I need copied / remade right there. But also make it possible to remotely queue jobs and then pick them up at the store later when they're finished.

I am imagining somthing like a postal package station, only the stuff you can pick up is being made right inside the machine.

Comment: Re:How is this new? (Score 1) 242

by zAPPzAPP (#47438901) Attached to: Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

Usually towns located at a river will pipe their (hopefully treated) sewage into that river.
Towns downstream will often get at least part of their drinking water from groundwater taken near the river (the river guarantees a steady groundwater level), treat it again, then use it.

This adds some cubics of soil as additional filter, but is basicly the same thing.

Really, unless the town is lucky to get first access to some mountain's stream, the drinking water will always be at least part 'treated sewage'.

Comment: Re:It's accomplices all the way down! (Score 2) 255

by zAPPzAPP (#47378327) Attached to: Austrian Tor Exit Node Operator Found Guilty As an Accomplice

Probably because it is not a precedence based jurisdiction, so this case has no concern for them. They can relax, wait and battle when/if they are actually target of a lawsuit.
Of course this decission may be an indicator of how the law is to be interpreted, but that is a problem with the law itself and winnning this case for the guy will change nothing about that for the ISPs.

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