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Comment Re:I'm beginning to see a pattern here. (Score 2) 305

What I simply don't understand with these projects:

If they fail to meet the specifications, why are they paid?
Why are they paid even more afterwards?

If the company could not deliver what was specified, sure the forms are not there which is bad, but it should also cost nothing.

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

You can only download so much in a month given the limited bandwitdth, so there is still a physical limit.
Yes, that amounts to a lot of data for a single user, but averaged over all the millions of other users, a single user does not count for much, even downloading 24/7.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 112

I wrote develop, not produce.

You need to hire and pay people with high-tech skills, at least some of which should have experience, otherwise you pay more for failed attempts.

You go through multiple iterations of prototypes, each costing much more than your mass produced final product would.

You need to aquire several certifications depending on the product, each requiring a lot of paperwork, pretests and costly official final tests.

Setting up production and QA may also take some rounds until you reach the desired production cost.

The argument that this is of no concern to a startup because it runs on loaned money anyways is a bit odd.
Anyways, the possibility (it's still a contest) of gaining 250k $ once you finish all of the above is a pretty weak encouragement.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 112

250k to develop a commercial electronics product, let alone a robot is a joke. You need way more than that.
The only way this could (maybe) work is if this was a reward for bringing any such device to the market, no strings attached. No need to hand it over to them for 250k (haha).

Of course, if the goal is to just come up with the best concept, I'd get right on it. Ideas are cheap.

Comment Re:Chuckle (Score 1) 309

I only preorder to reward past outstanding work (which I bought for cheap on steam), as a way to give something back.
So far it mostly was a solid strategy.

Of course due to backlog I never play on release day either, often when the game price finally goes down to budget it still sits untouched in the library.
So maybe I shouldnt buy any more games at all...

Comment M.2 is awesome (Score 2) 36

I've got the (presumably?) OEM version in my current desktop: Samsung SM951 M.2

As far as I can tell, load times don't exist anymore. ;)

The thing is also surprisingly small, more so than you would expect from pictures. You could probably fit 20 of these into the space of a 2.5in drive.

Comment Re:Translated (Score 1) 451

What does that have to do with automatic braking?
Electronics are already controlling the brake system. If they wanted to allow for remote locking of the brakes, they could do it. No need to hook those up to sensors like laser/radar and an evaluation system. A simple switch (or bit) would do it.

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