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Comment Re:Translated (Score 1) 451

What does that have to do with automatic braking?
Electronics are already controlling the brake system. If they wanted to allow for remote locking of the brakes, they could do it. No need to hook those up to sensors like laser/radar and an evaluation system. A simple switch (or bit) would do it.

Comment Re:Who watches this crap? (Score 1) 135

Hopefully these streamers comment what they are doing and why they are doing it.
I doubt anyone would watch a stream of text appearing on a screen with no comment?

For someone as myself, who works on projects for smaller clients a lot, often alone, that would be an interesting thing. There are a lot of little things you can pick up from others, but you wouldn't think of them by yourself. Watching this a bit may lead to some good insights.

Comment Used in image upscaling (Score 1) 75

I have seen this used for upscaling image resolution.
The neural net is trained on a certain type of image (comics/manga in the example below). It then uses its knowledge about how such a picture should look, to fill in missing information and remove artifacts during the upscale process. Kind of like the nets in the story will try to see their animals/objects in clouds and static.

The result can be really amazing if used on the right type of image. I got some perfect results increasing the image size 16x from a small (300x200) source.
However feed it with a 'wrong' (for example a photo of a person) type of images and the result looks horrible just running through the filter.
The results also vary a lot in general for each source image, which I guess must be the result of how good it fits the training set.

Example trained on comics/manga:

Comment Re:Not exactly a hack (Score 1) 78

The 'they' in my post referred to the spammers, not your pharmacy.
I doubt those are the same people.

As mentioned in other comments already, do not assume that the spammers get their information directly from that database, or that the email you entered is even saved together with you medical information (why would it?).

Most likely the pharmacy saves your contact info in their own customer database, which they hopefuly dont share.

Comment Re:Make it a real deterent or stop. Penalize Mista (Score 1) 1081

We have tried the public execution thing.
We even put the bodies of the executed on the walls of cities, or next to the roads leading into the city.
Did not seem to have that much of an effect. There was never a shortage of delinquents to execute. It's like they did not expect to be caught or something.

Comment Re:HOWTO (Score 1) 1081

Are you trying to say that if the death penality would have been an option, then these crimes would not have happened?
Because that would be the only argument of any importance given the whole reason we have a punishing justice system at all is to prevent crime. Not to exact revenge.
I really doubt these people willingly accepted 20+ years in prison, but would have reconsidered in fear of a death penality.

The punishment which acts as the best deterrant while still being reasonable is the most appropriate one. Not the one that 'feels' most appropriate.

As there is apparently (by looking at past data in countries switching from one form to another) little difference in the deterrant effect between long jail time and death penality on hard crime, it makes no sense to apply the latter one, which is riddled with all kinds of problems for society, both economic and ethical.

I agree that it may make sense to make the jail time itself more of a deterrant, but it is hard to get this factor to influence someone BEFORE they end up in jail, ie before they do the crime, which is what we really want.

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