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Comment: Re:you're all liars (Score 1) 741

by z4pp4 (#35815056) Attached to: Could You Pass Harvard's Entrance Exam From 1869?

Whenever I visit Slashdot and there's a topic where people have the chance to put their knowledge to the test, I always see a huge number of people claiming that they did wonderfully at the test. And yet, in real life, hardly anyone ever performs at such superheroic levels, whether dumb, average or intelligent

Go join MENSA, skippy. We have ego's to boost here to help us drudge through our work day.

Comment: Get your priorities straight! (Score 1) 248

by z4pp4 (#25567231) Attached to: Microsoft Pushes Windows To Battle Linux In Africa
People obviously don't know shit of what is happenning in Africa. Just last week there were more violence in the DRC. People have responded to the current economic collapse by eating less. How much will it matter to them whether Linux or Windows are installed on their computers?
Power cuts here in Nigeria happens every day. You have malaria, aids, corrupt politicians and a hundred other problems here. The roads are in dire need of repair. The Niger delta is in a state of emergency thanks to MEND.

Trust me, it doesn't mean shit. Anyways, when people want something here, they do not care about things like copy protection, they just take it.

Why are people always so emotional about the small things, and totally miss the big things?
Penny wise, pound foolish.

e-credibility: the non-guaranteeable likelihood that the electronic data you're seeing is genuine rather than somebody's made-up crap. - Karl Lehenbauer