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Submission + - Microsoft's Price Hikes Paying Off As SQL Server Business Hits $5 Billion Mark (

yuhong writes: From the article: "At a customer event in San Francisco on Tuesday, Nadella dropped the $5 billion revenue figure, noting that SQL Server is "growing at a rapid rate."" Later on it also says: "Paul DeGroot, principal analyst at Pica Communications, a Camano Island, Wash.-based Microsoft licensing consultancy, also believes the price hike is having more of an impact on SQL Server revenue than actual sales growth." It is an old article, but I wonder if this is spreading to things other than SQL Server.

Submission + - More details on Win10 telemetry ( 1

yuhong writes: MS has posted a detailed TechNet article on the difference between the telemetry settings in Win10, and some of MS's policies on the use of this data.

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