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+ - Tesla Hits Back Against New York Times' John Broder->

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SomePgmr writes: "After the notorious, scripted failure of a Tesla on the popular show Top Gear, Tesla Motors has made a practice of enabling all on-board logging for any vehicle given to the media for review. It appears this practice has paid off, as Tesla responds to New York Times' John Broder's review of a Tesla Model S. The summary of log data is pretty damning."
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+ - Tesla car log: NYT writer Broder lied 1

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Catbeller writes: "Tesla has posted the driving log of the Tesla driven by NYT writer John Broder:, and it is a hell of a tale. He sped. He turned up the heat. He undercharged. He passed a charging station. He CIRCLED a charging station, apparently to drain the battery. He detached from the chargers when he was woefully undercharged, against advice. He never ran out of power. He seems to have intentionally, maliciously tried to make that car run out of power — and he failed. The car overperformed and gave him more range than the specs indicate, despite the abuse. Let's get this liar fired, kids."

+ - Benchmarks Of Amazon's EC2 Compute Cloud->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Phoronix has performed benchmarks of all of Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud instances using their Amazon Linux AMI distribution. They find Amazon's cloud platform to offer the best value for the money (just $0.034 per hour per EC2 Compute Unit) to be with the c1.xlarge EC2 instance."While it has less compute power than the m2.4xlarge instance (20 vs. 26 units), it costs less than half of what the quadruple extra large memory instance will cost. With that difference, you could purchase two c1.xlarge instances and have 40 EC2 Compute Units while still coming out financially ahead than the m2.4xlarge."
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+ - Top recruiters call Columbia and MIT "second-tier"->

Submitted by __roo
__roo writes: Top job recruiters looking for recent grads consider MIT, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth and other respected schools "second tier" and "just okay", according to a new Northwestern research study. Many only consider graduates from "Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or (maybe) Stanford" for jobs at prominent consulting firms, law firms, and banks.
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