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Comment: This is not what I want. (Score 1) 105

by yooy (#49460455) Attached to: Microsoft and Miele Team Collaborate To Cook Up an IoT Revolution
And also, Microsoft? My Washing Machine will show a blue screen? WTF! I would prefer a washing machine with the following features: * robust, reliable technology * fair to competitively priced * Using hardware like Arduino or Rasperry as the controller. * Using some flavor of linux if using Rasperry. I buy such a machine tomorrow if offered. If you have the balls and the time you can kind of build your own: http://www.zabex.de/site/wasch...

Comment: Unorthodox business practices. DON'T DO BUSINESS! (Score 5, Interesting) 483

by yooy (#41291881) Attached to: GoDaddy Goes Down, Anonymous Claims Responsibility
By chance GoDaddy holds one of my domain since several days for ransom. Expiration date is tomorrow and they wont release it and delaying, reviewing, delaying. Requesting me to write them from an email under the domain name, not realizing that I am already doing this and they actually answering me to an email under the exact domain name. I guess to force me to renew with them due to the expiration date is their goal. Well, they manged. I have to renew today and now I can't even do that. The review60 team at GoDaddy is a class of its own. Besides shooting elephants, half naked girls and SOPA support, they just show unorthodox, unprofessional, possibly illegal business practices. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! (The DOS attack is not their fault)

Comment: You are wrong / interesting quotes (Score 1) 1034

by yooy (#40120087) Attached to: Are Porn and Video Games Ruining a Generation?
"Video games give you a feeling of reward without hard work." Is this really the case, or is it the opposite? Two quotes: "We're witnessing what amounts to no less than a mass exodus to virtual worlds and online game environments." Edward Castronova "Here's the big idea. For active online gamers real life is broken. It doesn't make any sense. Effort isn't connected to reward. The path forward is confused, convoluted, and contradictory. Worse, there's a growing sense that the entire game is being corrupted to ensure failure. So, why play it?" http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/globalguerrillas/2010/03/online-games-superempowerment-and-reality.html IMHO _VERY_ interesting insights. The blog (not mine btw), is outstanding.

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