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Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

My stance is that the people using that site should have known better and I have little sympathy for them, playing with fire and all that. Was the hack illegal? Sure, and also inevitable at some point. I never meant to imply that it was OK in itself. I do think, however, now that the cats out of the bag, that there's nothing wrong with searching it and possibly acting on the results of that search. Maybe two wrongs can make a right at this point?

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1, Insightful) 705

So, a willingness to cheat on your spouse couldn't possibly be indicative of character traits that an employer or the constituents of some politician might find concerning? At a minimum it shows a lack of judgement and a level of dishonesty that may extend to more important things. Not a few politicians and employees have been busted for embezzlement because they needed funds for an extramarital affair.

As to the spouse finding out "someday"... well, I've known people who were cheated on for years and only found out through chance. For some cheating spouses, chance just happened in the form of Ashley Madison.

Look, if you want to play hanky-panky, I agree, that's your business. When you make the boneheaded decision to use a web site to facilitate your shenanigans, don't be surprised at the repercussions of that choice. If large entities like banks and governments have breaches, why would you ever trust some hook-up site with information that could ruin your life? The power of technology can work for and against you...

Comment Re:Think of the children... (Score 1) 202

"It's not hard to convert them to a more usable format."

It has nothing to do with how hard it is or is not to convert Flash content. Like usual, it's about money. Who's going to do that conversion? How much will it cost? What else will have to change (because there's ALWAYS something else)?

When the total cost of converting is exceeded by the money lost by not converting, you will see Flash die. I don't expect that day to come any time soon for most Flash content providers.

Comment maybe on a techicality? dunno... (Score 1) 414

what I do know is after 20 years in IT, I've only seen the number of Indian co-workers increase. I've seen (numerous times) scores of American workers let go, only to see a restaffing from places like Tata and Infosys only weeks later. I'm no Einstein, but that sure seem like replacement to me. Still, these aggregate numbers are deceptive. If some programmer making $100k finds a new job flipping burgers, then technically there's been no loss in the number of American workers. Sounds like MBA math actually.

Comment Re:Influence from Skype (Score 4, Insightful) 316

It's not FUD... Whatever the year of the Linux desktop people want you to believe, it's just not that easy for most people to switch. The skepticism you have "Windows 10 is free, what's the catch?", is the same thing I hear when I tell people about Ubuntu. "It's free, how could it possible be good if it's free?" Then you tell them that it will change the look and feel of a computer they've used for years. Then you have to admit that their Windows apps won't work. Then confess that they will have a much smaller selection of software available to them. yeah, sign me up right away, is not the response you should expect.

Despite huge improvements, Linux desktop is still NOT for the average user. It's for the average user that has a knowledgeable friend to help them setup things, to install Windows apps under WINE when possible, to help them find replacement apps for all the things they use, and to help them get used to the quirks of Linux. I've got my mother in law's laptop running perfectly under Ubuntu and she loves it, but there's no way on earth she'd ever have done it herself, even if her future self could send a note back in time and tell her how much better it was.

WE don't think it's that hard or intimidating because we play with this stuff all the time and tend to forget we've grown along with the Linux desktop and take a lot of acquired knowledge for granted.

Comment it's wireless people... and another thing... (Score 3, Insightful) 75

the difference with this mower is it uses wireless stakes to define the cutting area. competing robo-mowers require you to bury wires in the ground. The biggest benefit I can see is ease of making changes... Decide to do some planting, put out some yard decor or otherwise change the layout? Re-position your stakes. No digging up the yard.

The biggest problems I've seen with the robo-mower idea are related to cost.

1. Existing robo-mowers (at least as sold by places like Home Depot) are expensive. Like $2000-$3000 USD expensive.

2. Letting them run while you're away (which would be one of the attractions and selling points) means your very expensive mower is out there unattended for anyone to grab. Never mind the potential liability concerns. My back yard is fenced, but most people in the US don't fence a front yard.

3. For the price of a robo-mower, you could purchase a very nice riding mower, with assorted attachments. This would dramatically reduce the amount of time spent mowing, and give you additional uses like hauling, leaf cleanup, tilling and so on. Robo-mower, it mows. That's all.

I suppose if I had a large rural property, where the risk of theft or cutting off the toes of a curious person was minimized, I could see how a robo-mower might be ok. For the typical suburbanite, what we REALLY want is a robo-lawn-care-service that will mow, edge, trim hedges, fertilize, do pest control. Like that other favorite of Popular Mechanics, the flying car, I'm sure it's just around the corner...

Comment Re:She won't be president (Score 1) 528

"Bill Clinton could actually win again... I mean... legality and term limits aside.."

As I understand it, presidential term limits only apply to consecutive terms. So, seeing as there have been a couple of other guys in office, Bill could come back for 2 more terms.

Comment Re:It's fine... from the ISO. (Score 1) 485

I didn't even do that much. The link will give you a download of the Media Creation app. When you launch it, you have the choice of
1. Upgrading the current PC now, or
2. Download the ISO to burn and install on another PC.
I selected option 1, let it download everything, then clicked yes when it asked to continue upgrade. It took a bit longer than I expected, but I didn't run into anything fatal. The only weird thing I ran into was when it installed the Razer Synapse app and drivers for my mouse. At the end, you are asked whether to reboot now or later. I couldn't select later, but selecting reboot now, just allowed the rest of the W10 install to continue.

Also, a windows 7 or 8 install disc will allow you to access the recovery/troubleshooting tools in case you botch things somehow. like seeing a partition you don't remember, deleting it to get the space back, rebooting and seeing a Grub error because you forgot you tried Ubuntu ages ago... for the record, the fix is to launch the repair tools, click the command prompt icon and run bootrec /fixmbr. or so i hear...

Comment Re:Reading... how does it work? (Score 1) 485

I guess I can't be sure I got everything, but at install i was able to turn off a hell of a lot. I'm sure within a couple of weeks we'll see a pretty comprehensive list somewhere and I'll be able to catch anything I missed.

Anyway, MS certainly isn't the only one doing this data gathering these days. Opt-in by default is the way it's going to work from now on and you can't put that horse back in the barn. If people aren't reading what they are getting and choosing to opt-out then they have themselves to blame.

Comment Reading... how does it work? (Score 3, Informative) 485

Installed W10 Pro on my PC last night. After all the copying and such, you get a screen that mentions privacy items and offers you the chance to configure them manually. Behold, you can turn off 2 screens of data going to MS and 3rd party applications. I believe the option to turn off wi-fi sharing was there too. So, yes, if you just blindly click through anything that says NEXT, you might have a problem. If you actually read crap, you can avoid most of this mess at install.

So far, I have no complaints about 10. It looks nice and seems to run as smoothly as the Win7 Ultimate it replaced. Previously installed apps and games all seem to work, although I certainly haven't tried them all yet. The only stand out annoyance was that all my media file associations were reset to use stock MS applications.

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