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Comment Re:This seems familiar (Score 1) 337

"Funny. Apple's PC sales are UP year-over-year, while the "entire (rest) of the industry" sales are down. I think the "entire (rest) of the industry" needs to stop being such lemmings."

Or alternatively, people are largely satisfied with the performance of their current windows PC and feel no need to pay a premium for a new computer that will not do any better and will require them to adapt the the "Apple Way". My 4 year old Core i5 PC is still going strong. In that time, 2 new video cards and an upgrade to Windows 10 pro. Video encoding, Plex server, dev box, game machine (even Fallout 4 is running pretty well). I just have no compelling reason to replace it, probably for another couple of years. At that point, I will be able to get today's bleeding edge PC for the price of an entry level Mac.

IMHO the "lemmings" are the ones buying Mac.

Comment Re:clueless about waterfall (Score 1) 305

bah humbug. there's nothing inherently wrong with waterfall. Except that's not what happens. Oh, the project planning adheres to waterfall pretty well, but then, short sighted, impatient people start saying "can we do that a little sooner?" and "can we cut some of this testing out?" and my favorite "can we be a little more agile?". So then, you end up with a waterfall+agile+confusion methodology. No different than private companies that can't see past the next quarter

That said, IBM sucks. They take "over-promise and under-deliver" to a new level these days. The only thing that gets them work, IMO, is the IBM name, and in another 10 years, no one will want to touch THAT with a 10 foot (3m) pole.

Comment Re:Kimber (Score 1) 469

law enforcement has, in recent years, dropped .40 as well as .357 SIG in favor of 9mm. The official reason is usually along the lines of "our officers score better when they qualify" and "it's cheaper". A snappy .40 can be tough to shoot accurately for smaller officers, and it's not as if most of them are getting a lot of range time to learn how to shoot it properly. With 9mm you have a weapon that's easier to shoot and requires less costly range time to become minimally proficient. Also, newer ammo like Hornady CriticalDuty easily pass FBI standards for penetration, expansion and so on even in smaller calibers.

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 204

"Now if somebody could put together an open-source tool to automate this"

That's great, but i fear that by doing that you'd open yourself for some kind of DMCA perversion of interpretation. As-is, it's just people talking and sending emails, not an automated, dedicated system facilitating the "theft" of copyrighted works from starving publishers.

Comment Re:Rotten Tomatoes I've suspected of Payola (Score 1) 184

I don't know what may or may not be going on at RT, but I know that they are the only reviews I really pay any attention to. I've found that in general, their ratings track fairly well with my own opinions after seeing a movie. If nothing else, it gives me some way to rank multiple movies I might be considering. I might have missed seeing Edge Of Tomorrow had I not stopped by RT (tom cruise was making it a no-go for me).

Comment Re:Ads are fine (Score 3, Insightful) 474

Even without an ad blocker, if I'm to scared to click the ad because god only knows what will happen to my computer, then what's the point of having an ad? On the 1 in 1000 chance the ad is relevant, I'm more likely to just open another tab and go directly to the site. These guys have no one to blame but themselves. When the only thing you can offer people is an infection or an annoyance, why would you be surprised when people block you?

Like most internet things, media companies had a chance to get in front of this and condition people to pay for content at the outset. Instead they created overpriced paywalled gardens with minimal content, then watched as people went to ad-supported pay sites. Instead of lowering prices and offering a better product, they stopped charging and joined the race to the bottom.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1165

"When I thought about building an M4 the ammo was around $1 a shot"

These days .223 or bulk 5.56 run about 50 cents/round. Pre Newtown, it was more like 25 cents/round. Post Newtown, it was definitely $1 and up (if you could find it) for about a year. Prices have come back, but like gas prices they'll never dip as low as they went up. People were buying all they could get at inflated prices, so 50 cents/ round seems like a bargain these days while manufactures have doubled profit.

I reload anyway, so from my second load on (brass being the most expensive single component) i'm about 25 cents/round.

Comment These threads always bring out the Luddites (Score 2, Interesting) 174

Why is it any thread about 3d or VR brings the party poopers out in force? We get it already. Really. You don't like 3d or VR. You got a tummy ache when you tried it or maybe your widdle noggin hurt. The idea is completely without merit and just a way to scam people out of their money, therefore no one should make or use these technologies. You point to the numerous failures to deliver, but decade after decade, someone tries to do it. It's just a matter of time before the killer app and the technology finally converge.

If the product is not for you, move along. I swear, sometimes this place is just filled with people that seem to WANT things to fail.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1165

"Wow that makes me feel real good..."

Well, people who buy guns because shooting guns is fun and has a side benefit of self defense probably get more time at the range, more frequently than your average cop. I guess my point is people over-estimate the skill of police and tend to underestimate average joe gun owner. Nevermind people like myself who practice and take training regularly.

I just want to make one side comment as well... The ultimate goal of using a gun in a self defense situation is NOT to kill the other guy. It's to stop him from doing what he's doing. 1 shot or 10 shots, when the threat is over, you have a legal obligation to stop and extricate yourself from the situation. Your case WILL go to a grand jury and you don't want even the slightest hint that you did any more than what was required to protect yourself. There's just this perception of people who carry as wanna be heroes and it drives me crazy. As does the constant chant that the police are corrupt thugs and not to be trusted, but that I shouldn't need a gun because I can call the cops.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 3, Insightful) 1165

"The campus has its own police force who have guns and are trained to use them"

You'd be surprised just how little training most of them actually have. You might be even more surprised how little recurring/refresher training most police get outside of very large cities. Many police fire at yearly range qualifications and that's it. Small to mid-size departments just can't afford it anymore. Even academies are cutting back on firearms training AND lowering the bar in some cases. For police that are 'gun people' they will seek out training and practice at their own expense. As for the rest... a gun is a tool required for the job, they will do the minimum required.

If you want an unsettling indicator, do some googling of officer involved shootings. When one or more officers are firing 10, 20, 30 rounds with reloads and hitting the suspect 3 and 4 times, I think it speaks to the level of skill. Yes, it's a high stress situation, but they are supposed to be trained to handle that too, no? In those situations you will perform like you train. Last training 5 years ago? Guess how you will perform...

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