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Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1145

"When I thought about building an M4 the ammo was around $1 a shot"

These days .223 or bulk 5.56 run about 50 cents/round. Pre Newtown, it was more like 25 cents/round. Post Newtown, it was definitely $1 and up (if you could find it) for about a year. Prices have come back, but like gas prices they'll never dip as low as they went up. People were buying all they could get at inflated prices, so 50 cents/ round seems like a bargain these days while manufactures have doubled profit.

I reload anyway, so from my second load on (brass being the most expensive single component) i'm about 25 cents/round.

Comment These threads always bring out the Luddites (Score 2, Interesting) 172

Why is it any thread about 3d or VR brings the party poopers out in force? We get it already. Really. You don't like 3d or VR. You got a tummy ache when you tried it or maybe your widdle noggin hurt. The idea is completely without merit and just a way to scam people out of their money, therefore no one should make or use these technologies. You point to the numerous failures to deliver, but decade after decade, someone tries to do it. It's just a matter of time before the killer app and the technology finally converge.

If the product is not for you, move along. I swear, sometimes this place is just filled with people that seem to WANT things to fail.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1145

"Wow that makes me feel real good..."

Well, people who buy guns because shooting guns is fun and has a side benefit of self defense probably get more time at the range, more frequently than your average cop. I guess my point is people over-estimate the skill of police and tend to underestimate average joe gun owner. Nevermind people like myself who practice and take training regularly.

I just want to make one side comment as well... The ultimate goal of using a gun in a self defense situation is NOT to kill the other guy. It's to stop him from doing what he's doing. 1 shot or 10 shots, when the threat is over, you have a legal obligation to stop and extricate yourself from the situation. Your case WILL go to a grand jury and you don't want even the slightest hint that you did any more than what was required to protect yourself. There's just this perception of people who carry as wanna be heroes and it drives me crazy. As does the constant chant that the police are corrupt thugs and not to be trusted, but that I shouldn't need a gun because I can call the cops.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 3, Insightful) 1145

"The campus has its own police force who have guns and are trained to use them"

You'd be surprised just how little training most of them actually have. You might be even more surprised how little recurring/refresher training most police get outside of very large cities. Many police fire at yearly range qualifications and that's it. Small to mid-size departments just can't afford it anymore. Even academies are cutting back on firearms training AND lowering the bar in some cases. For police that are 'gun people' they will seek out training and practice at their own expense. As for the rest... a gun is a tool required for the job, they will do the minimum required.

If you want an unsettling indicator, do some googling of officer involved shootings. When one or more officers are firing 10, 20, 30 rounds with reloads and hitting the suspect 3 and 4 times, I think it speaks to the level of skill. Yes, it's a high stress situation, but they are supposed to be trained to handle that too, no? In those situations you will perform like you train. Last training 5 years ago? Guess how you will perform...

Comment What the hell is wrong with people? (Score 4, Interesting) 1145

And i don't necessarily mean the shooter. If early reports prove accurate "The night before the attack, the alleged shooter appears to have had a conversation with others online about his intentions, the source said."

There's your problem right there. A person with issues made what might have been a final plea for help the night before and everyone just blew it off. Depending on what he said, at the very least he could have been held for making terroristic threats and possibly had a psych eval. Noooo. No one wants to get involved. It has f-all to do with guns. We'd rather lock up and ignore some guy with 1/2 oz of weed than commit and help the mentally ill. When the U.S. gets serious about mental health and people start getting involved instead of letting their friends self destruct, we'll see these events decrease.

In the meantime, I reserve the right to defend myself and my family. That doesn't mean playing hero. That means getting them out of harms way. If out of harms way means past an active shooter, then at least we have a chance.

Comment Re:Two wrongs don't make it right (Score 2) 569

You really need to tone it down a bit. Your black and white, absolutist, perfect world assertions are starting to undermine some of the points you're making. We don't know, yet, whether there was an official directive, threats of termination, a group of engineers slipping one past management or what. It's very easy to sit back and say "resign" without understanding the situation that the engineers were in. In the more nuanced world of reality, people have to make decisions that impact careers and families. Decisions that they may not like, but may have little option making. Despite utopian dreams of impartial justice, there are very real levels of culpability under the law.

Also, the comparisons to Nazi Germany, and other examples of "just following orders" coming from some posters are way out of line. If you can't tell the difference between genocide and a fraudulent product, you need to get help. To suggest that the punishment should be the same is beyond ridiculous...

Comment Re:Segregation not the answer (Score 1) 449

"Segregation is the answer."
unless you are forming a group of white male heteros, then it's racist, sexist and homophobic and you will be forced to 'open your doors to promote diversity'. funny enough, my two young daughters have a healthy interest in technology and computers. How about more parents tell their kids from day one "you can do anything and it doesn't matter if you're a girl because you will still kick ass." my girls don't give a crap about the boys and aren't going to let them get in the way of what they like. Funny how instilling confidence early on can overcome those "disadvantages" you claim.

Comment Dreams are so uncool these days... (Score 1) 683

is a trip to Mars practical? nope. is it exciting? yep. What the hell is wrong with dreams? what's wrong with thinking through the problem even if we can't actually make the trip yet? how the hell do you identify the challenges and requirements without getting lots of smart, enthusiastic people involved?

I get so sick of this "we can't do it so don't even think about it attitude". With the demise of manned flight at NASA, space geeks are on their own to find inspiration these days. So piss off Debbie Downer...

Comment wait a minute... (Score 0) 122

How are all these police dying in numbers that require this kind of money is spent to raise still more money? Are there lethal kangaroo attacks? Rabid sheep? Terrible drivers? I mean, Australia is frequently a poster child for gun control in the US, so what gives? I was told if there were no guns, that no one would die. So how are these guys snuffing it?

Comment You want to know why we're cynical? (Score 2) 403

there are more, and more concrete reasons to deny you these things than there are to allow them. I want better reasons than a vague "we can catch bad guys". It's way past time to start releasing specific and detailed accounts of how the post 9/11 power surge in the intelligence community has actually stopped something. Again, fluctuations in the "threat meter" and assurances that "we stopped a threat" are just not instilling any confidence. With the time between terrorist attacks in the U.S. measured in years, I want to see proof that we're not just in a lull. Maybe, just maybe, if you could tie things you want to actual results, people might be more sympathetic... then again, this is government...

Comment Re:That was easy (Score 1) 867

"The amount of abuse their customers will accept is simply astonishing"

I'd just like to point out that MS is rarely the innovator these days in egregious privacy invasions, telemetry and so on. What they have done is to see how little protest the supposed 'good guys' like Google and Apple receive for doing the exact same thing and decided to play along. Don't hate on them for learning the lesson too well. If anything, at least with MS, you WILL find out about it sooner rather than later, whether through the efforts of MS haters or MS's own release and patch notes. Not sure I trust Google and Apple to be less secretive.

Comment Re:Good example (Score 1) 345

exactly! As a happy owner of an original Note and now a Note 3, I was really excited for the Note 5. Until I saw that it had a sealed battery and even worse, no SD card slot. I could live with the battery, but no storage expansion is a show stopper. It's the reason I left iPhone after the first generation, I don't like having to purchase a new phone when I've outgrown the supplied storage. Lucky for me my Note 3 is still going strong, maybe we'll see a reversal on the Note 6...

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