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Comment Re:Death Valley NP couldn't contact Google to upda (Score 1) 528

that's interesting, because I submitted a correction to Google Maps just last year by clicking "send feedback". I reported what was supposed to be an east-west road connecting two north-south roads (think letter H). Unfortunately, the east-west road actually dead-ended in a pasture about 400 yards before it connected one of the north-south roads. The detour to get where that little missing connection should have led was about 5 miles...

Anyway, I got an email response from Google Maps about 3 weeks later reporting that I was correct and the maps had been updated. Sure enough, map was correct when I checked. Point is, if you see an issue, report it...it's built into Google Maps for pete's sake...

Comment Re:Malware (Score 1) 661

if you setup a few computers running typical anti-virus/malware protection and up to date on all patches, then scripted un-blocked visits to a bunch of popular sites, i wonder how long it would take to get a hacked computer... could you use that as a basis for a suit against the ad-network or the site(s) that use them? If I go to a restaurant and they just throw crap from a supplier in the pot willy-nilly without checking it first (right product, doesn't smell bad, no foreign content), I'd have a pretty good case if I got food poisoning right?

Comment yeah wired... I HAD a print subscription... (Score 3, Interesting) 661

I had a print subscription to Wired since 1996. About 2 years ago I didn't renew, not because I didn't like the magazine anymore, but because my magazine continually arrived two to three weeks AFTER it was available on store shelves. That wouldn't have been so bad, except that Wired eventually got to the point of releasing all the magazine content online over the course of the month...for FREE... I tried for nearly 2 years to get Wired to figure out the problem, to no avail. Even when I moved to a new house, 30+ miles away, the late deliveries continued (so probably not a local post office issue.)

It's always frustrating when you WANT to give a company your money, but they just have to make it so damn hard (see DRM also...) Anyway, maybe I'll whitelist them, maybe I'll just quit going to Wired.com. I'm sure not giving them any more money.

Comment Elon, big whoop... (Score 1) 345

Major aircraft manufacturers have been working on this for years. Airbus has made no secret they want to get an electric commercial passenger aircraft into production and from what I've read over the last few years, they've been making steady progress. Smaller GA aircraft companies are also taking a serious look at electric, particularly for the light sport class which has regulatory restrictions on size, weight, top speed, and number of passengers and typically do not have the same range/endurance needs. Electric passenger aircraft will happen, maybe not next week, but sooner than many expect, if for no other reason than there's a lot of money being thrown at it...

I'm beginning to get sick of the Elon worship. Apparently, like Steve Jobs, an idea isn't a good idea until it comes from his mouth.

Comment Re:Caller ID Blocker (Score 1) 253

well it was someone we both knew who later kicked his ass for the little joke... so...this isn't a random story off the internet or a story from a casual acquaintance. Maybe the guy had an unknown defect in his eardrum, I said I didn't know all the circumstances. Still, phone call, scream, ass kicking same day, diagnosis of ruptured eardrum next day. Them's the facts.

Comment Re:Cord-Cutting: Is a Landline Needed? (Score 1) 253

Vast majority of our calls are cell, however we have 2 young kids in the house and want them to be able to use the phone in an emergency. Landline phone is big, easy to use, always in the same place and doesn't require a code to unlock or navigation of menus. Since bundling my phone/TV/internet from FiOS is cheaper than getting just TV/internet, it works out well.

Comment Re:Caller ID Blocker (Score 1) 253

" then scream bloody murder."

careful how loud you scream...friend of mine played a prank call on some guy once that incorporated some screaming, ended up rupturing the guy's eardrum. No idea of all the circumstances involved (phone volume etc.) but would be a good idea to not go over the top with it.

Comment HalfLife 2 Deathmatch... (Score 1) 224

I'm beginning to suspect some new hacks have come out for HL2:Deathmatch recently. I've played regularly for years and I've seen plenty of obvious hacks, but I've also seen plenty of players that are just way better than me. Took a couple month break to play Fallout 4, and now that I'm back I'm seeing a lot of people that were middle of the pack two months ago doing all kinds of crazy crap and suddenly kicking ass. The community is pretty small these days, so it's not like you don't run into the same people over and over and get to know their style. It doesn't seem like VAC really does anything these days.

Comment Re:But, but, but... (Score 1) 56

I always tell people to go outside at night and shine a floodlight on the driveway. put an object in the middle. take a picture of said object and make sure to have the sky in the frame. report number of stars seen...cameras are cool, but they ain't magic. All it takes is watching a full moon through a telescope and forgetting to slip a filter in there to illustrate just how damn bright the lunar surface is...I think i have permanent after-images.

Comment Re:All for free!!!! (Score 4, Interesting) 150

"It would probably make more sense to assign a tractor to drag each aircraft from the gate to the start of the runway rather than use the planes fuel to taxi around."

I was thinking the same thing... wouldn't it make sense to use autonomous tugs powered fuel cell, then tug the planes to the end of the taxiway? most of the tugs i've seen require manual connect/disconnect, so you'd have to automate that. unhook at end of taxi way, and pilot moves onto runway under own power, since you don't want anything else on an active runway. robo-tug heads back to terminal and to next assigned gate.

I just figured out the fatal flaw... pilot and ground crew unions would never allow it...

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