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Comment Predicted... (Score 1) 133

The x-files has come true... does anyone remember the episode where some cars got hacked/unlocked by a 'genius' with a special CD played in the stereo? I remember thinking man, these writers are stupid! ...

Comment Re:While the article is BS.... (Score 1) 271

I don't think so. If distance between NY and London is 10: Scenario A: you are 1 from NY, 9 from London. You will have information about time X from NY in X+1 and London in X+9. Your long to NY will take 1 and your short to London will take 9. That's a total of 18 to get quote and fill in London. Scenario B: you are 5 from NY, 5 from London. Total to get quote and get filled in both markets is equal at 10. The longest path is your latency in a simple long/short arbitrage situation, so being equidistant to all of your liquidity centers is advantageous.

Comment Going rogue (Score 2) 98

An emergency patch was successfully uploaded, ensuring that the conditions which caused it to 'go rogue' will not occur again.

Sounds exactly like the marketing-speak I use when people find bugs in my code... Sounds better than "we screwed up"

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