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Submission + - Wikipedia entry sparks war of words

coondoggie writes: "The City of Cornwall Ontario has come out swinging over postings in its Wikipedia entry saying a person or persons is out to make the city and its citizens look bad. The stink started last week when some one posted this: "Cornwall has not enjoyed a good environmental reputation due in large part to decades of heavily polluting industries. Although most of these industries have shut down or moved away, their legacy is a riverfront contaminated by mercury, soil contaminated by coal tar and byproducts, and most evidently, 'Big Ben'." Cornwall officials noticed that in the demographics section had this statement: "Many from the city's work force prefer to live in these communities over Cornwall; ironically including the mayor and a number of 'Team Cornwall' members (a group drawn from the business community, pledged to promote Cornwall)." 67"

Comment Re:good indy RPGs? (Score 1) 25

The Underdogs runs a pretty exhaustive list of indie games, here is their list of RPGs. Unfortunately, there are a hell of a lot of rogue clones (which is great if that's what you're into) but not so much graphically pleasing stuff.

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