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Comment: Re:Word is the wrong tool (Score 1) 90

by yetanothertechie (#20747189) Attached to: Embedding XML In Docs?
We then have automated processes which periodically pull certain pages, strip the navigation elements and render them to PDF

The importance of keeping your distributed docs up to date, as described above, deserves emphasis. It's highly frustrating try to program to an API with an old version of the documentation.

I also agree that Word is a lousy way to produce this type of documentation. I would go further and say that it is a poor tool to use for most non-static technical documentation. It's update capabilities seem well-suited to more narrative documents but are cumbersome and confusing for technical documents.

How Big Will the iPhone Become? 388

Posted by Zonk
from the crushing-tokyo-big-or-just-andre-the-giant-big dept.
palewook writes "Combine the best elements of an iPod with a BlackBerry's addictive usefulness, and you may just get Apple's Next Big Thing. Around 2009, when the lower cost version of iPhone appears, Business Week believes the yearly market for iPhones could be over 10 billion dollars a year. Its an interesting prediction; if those numbers come to pass, iPhone could become a bigger source of revenue than the traditional iPod. 'The answer may not come until 2009. By then, Apple should have begun creating lower-cost iPhone variants to reach consumers scared off by the introductory $499 price. It also will probably have moved into overseas markets and cut deals with more carriers to utilize higher-speed wireless networks. So while most analysts look for Apple to sell around 3 million units this year and 10 to 12 million in 2008, many figure that 20 million will move in 2009.'"

All the simple programs have been written.