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Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 3, Interesting) 132

And while their may be some truth in that, the British tax-payer will not pay a penny more or less if half Europe watches their shows, since the cost is in creating them, not in distributing.

Well, in IP there is also cost in distributing, esp. when local connectivity (exchanged at local peering point like LINX in London) to users in UK is probably much cheaper than international connectivity to users in rest of Europe.

Comment Also Paul Erdös took amphetamines (Score 2) 407

It is nothing new:

"Paul Erdös (1913-1996), "the man who loved only numbers", was one of the most brilliant and prolific mathematicians of the twentieth century. Erdös spent much of his restless life on psychostimulants. As he once remarked, "A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems."

But Erdös liked stronger medicine too. After his mother's death in 1971, Erdös became quite depressed. His physician prescribed amphetamines. Erdös took Benzedrine or Ritalin almost every day for the last twenty five years of his life. Sometimes he took both. ...

Colleagues worried that Erdös might have become addicted. In 1979, he accepted a $500 bet from his friend Ronald Graham. Graham challenged Erdös to abstain from speed for 30 days. Erdös met the challenge, but his output sank dramatically. Erdös felt the progress of mathematics had been held up by a stupid wager."

Comment Re:the lips acquire stains (Score 4, Informative) 407

Sapho juice was in the original Dune:

"Paul looked at his father, back to Hawat, suddenly conscious of the Mentat's great age, aware that the old man had served three generations of Atreides. Aged. It showed in the rheumy shine of the brown eyes, in the cheeks cracked and burned by exotic weathers, in the rounded curve of the shoulders and the thin set of his lips with the cranberry-colored stain of sapho juice."

"SAPHO: high-energy liquid extracted from barrier roots of Ecaz. Commonly used by Mentats who claim it amplifies mental powers. Users develop deep ruby stains on mouth and lips."

Comment Re:here is the draft set of possible options (Score 1) 289

> My favorite time scale is POSIX. They define a day as precisely 86400 "seconds". Obviously a POSIX second is not the same as an SI second.

That is not correct. POSIX speaks about SI seconds, it just specifies that 'unix time' is *approximate* number of (SI) seconds from the start of the epoch computed by a formula from date/time. When a leap second happens, the difference of this approximation from the exact number changes by one second and unix time experiences discontinuity (leap backwards).

Comment Vertical integration (Score 1) 398

Seems like many peering conflicts are related to excessive vertical integration of some providers. Verizon is currently both tier 1 provider and consumer ISP. Suppose it would be split to Verizon1, tier 1 provider, and Verizon 2, tier 2 consumer ISP. Verizon1 would be one of several upstream providers to Verizon2. What wold happen in such case if there is such kind of peering conflict between Verizon1 and Lever3? Verizon2 would immediately change its routing in a way that traffic between Level3 and Verizon2 would go through another upsream provider of Verizon2, which would threaten potential revenues of Verizon1 from Verizon2, therefore Verizon1 would have much stronger incentive to promptly solve the dispute.

Comment Re:Stay Home (Score 1) 351

Socialism is an economic system where the state collects taxes to fund things like social programs, that allow people to do things like not work when they're sick without fear of, for example, starving to death.

Well, not really. Classical definition is that socialism is an economic system where means of production (i.e. capital) are publicly owned and managed (e.g. by the state or public cooperatives), while capitalism is an economic system where means of production are privately owned and managed. But press often mixes up socialists (who prefer socialism) and social-democratic parties (who prefer capitalism with socially sensitive regulations) and often uses 'socialists' as a shorthand for 'social-democratic parties'.

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