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Comment: Re:Can they do that? (Score 0) 152

by yesiree (#39611285) Attached to: Google Actually Patenting Its April Fools' Joke
Why feeling offended by my words to the degree that you spill these insults? You have no knowledge of me as a person, of my background (other than a label that says almost nothing) or why I said what I did. Sometimes it can be wise to read between the lines and see what's hidden... One of the reasons I wrote what I did was an existential one. Questions and discussions about life and the world fascinates me, and to me it's important that I can feel and sense the meaning behind it all, or the lack of it as it sometimes can be. If you want another label to put on me, you could use symbolic mystic as well. Now where does this lead us? You have associations towards those words and respond accordingly. The reactions towards yourself and others are one of the most interesting things to investigate. And then I'm talking not only about human relationships, but also technical. Ponder that for a moment if you are symbolically inclined and don't always have to take everything literally, like the fundamentalists of all camps...

Comment: Re:Can they do that? (Score 0) 152

by yesiree (#39608133) Attached to: Google Actually Patenting Its April Fools' Joke
Funny. Just noticed that you scored my comment as flamebait. Interesting! Does this mean that people can't stand opinions that are different from others? I can't say that I have thought about the system of points here at slashdot that much. But it could mean that the points influences people in the way they express their ideas. Sensitive topics could be censored, and you strive to be "popular".... Hrrmmm... this could have it's drawbacks... Somebody else who also thought about this, and care to share?

Comment: Re:Can they do that? (Score 0) 152

by yesiree (#39606183) Attached to: Google Actually Patenting Its April Fools' Joke
Thank you for seeing my point, although I managed to write it a bit more provocatively... This is my major point, that many people nowadays see science as a truth, and not just a tool to understand truth. If we remember this clearly, we can then proceed further and unwrap the knowledge that exists out there...

Comment: Re:Can they do that? (Score 0) 152

by yesiree (#39605369) Attached to: Google Actually Patenting Its April Fools' Joke
"The laws of natures are scientific laws based on current daa and understanding. Things that have been tested many, many times." So what? There are always exceptions to our laws. And the funny thing is that sometimes we ignore experiences and facts coming from our five senses just because they don't confirm to our written "laws of nature". That is not striving for knowledge. That is ignorance. "Yes, nothing as warm as the blanket of ignorance." Not really. I hate not knowing everything. But life has taught me that that everything is not knowable through the tool of intellect. I don't think we can quantify everything, because I don't think everything is quantifiable. And pleeeease, don't think I am a pesky "intelligent design" christian, that can't stand knowledge derived from scientific studies. Everything has got its limitations, and intellect is one of them. We can do more, and know more, and be more that we do today. Now does this mean we are touching religious borders? Heck no! Just facts, if you ask me, and we acknowledge the latest research regarding quantum physics (to name one...). The funny thing guys, is how sensitive these things can be to talk about. Why respond in such a emotional way if you don't feel just like the religious zealots of sects, that try to protect the truth. Truth doesn't need any protection. Truth IS! You and me and the rest of humanity can't change that. This correspondence is just a show of ignorance of both of us. But it's fun isn't it...? ;-)

Comment: Re:Can they do that? (Score -1, Flamebait) 152

by yesiree (#39602645) Attached to: Google Actually Patenting Its April Fools' Joke
"At some point, human error will be removed from the equation" Science and technology is the new Pope in town and our new religion, our saviour... Oh come on, I think we have come full circle now with the strong belief in our beautiful art called science, but isn't anything more than make belief. I am a technician myself, but can be quite tired sometimes with our BELIEF in ourself, and our child called science. I mean, who else but us arrogant humans can come up with the idea that we understand "laws of nature"? We are all arrogant pricks, small speck in the universe that think that we someday will know it all. Do you know what? I think it's ok not to know it all, and I think it's a way of life... at least in this life... ;-)

Comment: Re:aka quadcorder (Score 1) 109

by yesiree (#39505913) Attached to: Canadian Man Releases Open Source Star Trek Tricorder
"Always waiting for the cool shit that will be released "soon" means you never play with the cool shit available now!" I actually have met people that lived like that. For example a friend of mine never bought a computer when we were kids because "there is a better version coming in a few months". He said that for some years...

Comment: Re:Only sort of DRM free? (Score 2) 196

by yesiree (#39500979) Attached to: What Book Publishers Should Learn From <em>Harry Potter</em>

If a book is not available without DRM, I do not purchase it.

"If a book is not available without DRM, I do not purchase it." Buy it and strip it from the drm. Then you can load it unto every type of device you own, and don't have to rely on Amazon. And yes, even since amazon changed drm-scheme it still works with the latest un-stripper (weird word btw). Or are these things illegal where you live?

Comment: Re:Laws of reality (Score 1) 116

by yesiree (#34606078) Attached to: Privacy Concerns With Android and iPhone Apps

The article stated:

"One iPhone app, Pumpkin Maker (a pumpkin-carving game), transmits location to an ad network without asking permission."

That is flat out impossible. I am an iPhone developer; there is no way for an application to obtain user location without the user being prompted if that is OK.

It makes the rest of the conclusions very suspect to me. Just how would an app get age and gender? Again I cannot think of a way that is even possible on an iPhone without being asked; no-where on my iPhone is my birthday or age stored.

On my Android for example you can cross link contacts from different sources. Facebook for example. On Facebook you could store your birthday and gender. I am not a developer, but I see some possibilities here perhaps... Any comments?

Comment: Re:I've been using Filemaker for the past 15 years (Score 1) 366

by yesiree (#34009250) Attached to: How Do You Manage the Information In Your Life?
You are kidding right? For me that would be a tremendous work overhead and limit my creativity, not to mention that I would have to have access to my computer and the application EVERY TIME I do some of those stuff. Well, if it works for you, you have found your thing!

Comment: Re:I don't think it matters to 99.999% of people (Score 1) 664

by yesiree (#31868558) Attached to: Apple Blocks Cartoonist From App Store
If many people use the iPhone you can control lots of users. In this way the company sets the standard of what kind of opinions you are allowed to have. Example: If you owned a TV, and the supplier restricted the possible content so that you couldn't watch some political shows, or perhaps porn, do you think that there would be an outrage? I think so, EVEN if people could go ahead and buy from another supplier. A producer of a technical gadget should NEVER restrict the content, as long as the content don't destroy the system/gadget. We are so totally crazy about controlling everything and making people "safe" (for Petes sake, lock everybody up in a bunker - that will keep them safe from the world). It will misfire big some time. This is only the beginning.

Comment: Re:Sounds more like (Score 1) 370

by yesiree (#29298767) Attached to: How To Hire a Hacker

About 90% of people in the world *are* stupid.

How do you define stupid? In my opinion there are millions of VERY intelligent people out there, exceeding in mathematics, physics, biochemistry and all other sciences... ...but yet seems to doesn't grasp the fact that following the primitive ego instincts such as aggression, fear, violence, hatred and so on... is not very intelligent... The mind is a powerful ally, but a destructive master. Using the heart as the master evens up the balance. But that's only my humble opinion.

"Mr. Watson, come here, I want you." -- Alexander Graham Bell