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Comment: Re:Even if they were ranked #1... (Score 1) 201

by yermej (#38290716) Attached to: AT&T Repeats As Lowest-Rated Wireless Carrier
I'm with AT&T, I have an iPhone 4 (bought used), and I don't have a data plan. I switched my voice plan to a GoPhone account. I add money to my account whenever I want and then I'm charged $0.10/min. for voice calls and $5/month/200 text messages. They won't let me use pay-as-you-go data on an iPhone even if I want to. I haven't worked it out exactly, but my bill went from ~$65/month to more like $25/month at most.

Comment: Re:Lots have failed, but some have succeeded (Score 1) 362

by yermej (#28649181) Attached to: Comcast DNS Redirection Launched In Trial Markets
Charter does it in Missouri too. You can "opt-out", but in that case it redirects you to a Charter server that serves up a copy of IE's DNS error page -- no matter which browser you're using. It even references the local images that IE would use so the images on the error page are broken when using Firefox.

Comment: Re:MMS is inherently unprotected and open to view (Score 1) 105

by yermej (#24278083) Attached to: It's Not Just O2 Leaking MMS Messages

You cannot expect people to authenticate to view them, as the best you could hope for is some wonky one-time password sent along with the message there was an MMS they could look at, and which users would not stand for.

This is exactly what ATT does with MMS messages I've received. I guess it could be seen as annoying, but it seems better than the alternatives. You could even argue that they want it to be annoying. I would imagine that people who complain are told it's for security purposes and to make things more convenient, you just need to add this MMS plan for $X/month.

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