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Comment: Won't say it's impossible... (Score 5, Insightful) 223 223

by yellowcord (#44388367) Attached to: Forget Apple: Samsung Could Be Google's Next Big Rival

Don't think it's too likely in the near future though. They now have the S4 Play Edition so I'm not sure that Samsung will be ditching andoid any time soon. I think they could make a go at it but without the Play ecosystem they'd basically be back to square one and be back with BlackBerry and Windows Phone for apps.


+ - Get your Firefox add-ons while you still can

Submitted by
PetManimal writes: "Mozilla is getting ready to relaunch the Firefox website on Monday, and when it does, several thousand extensions will be culled from the list. From the article:

... The site will drop marginal add-ons, as well as those no longer maintained by their creator or not updated for the browsers and e-mail clients now in use. A couple of hundred extensions will remain on the site after Monday.

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