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Comment: Shhhh, lets not tell him about telephone books (Score 1) 230

by ydra2 (#27190387) Attached to: Clear Public Satellite Imagery Tantamount to Yelling Fire

Child molesters could lookup schools or daycare centers in phonebooks and just drive right up and snatch them off the street. Oh wait... that already happens.

Well what else can we demonize? High school bake sale notices in the supermarket? Yeah, thats that one's golden, and car washes too, with those young high school girls.

But here's a brain teaser. Try to think of anything that isn't terrorist bait nowdays.

Comment: Dumbest question ever? (Score 1) 385

by ydra2 (#24716821) Attached to: Ratio of IT Department Workers To Overall Employees?

The ratio of IT workers to rest of company depends on the business. A corporate farm might have 1 or 2 IT workers and depending on season, 5 to 500 non-IT workers. A furniture factory might have 1 IT worker for every 1000 production employees. A food processing company might need a higher ratio because of the seasonal and perishable nature of the business. A shipping business would also need a robust IT staff to track its shipments and scheduling.

I'm quite sure that General Mills or Nestle corprations have large IT staffs in the hundreds, approaching thousands, but they have hundreds of thousands just working in the farms, factories, logistics, (people that manage physical stuff, like factories and storage), transport and shipping, and so on. For large corporations like that, the IT ratio is actually quite small because a lot of it is done by other smaller entities with little or no IT staff, like the independent farmer or rancher that does all his bookeeping the old fashioned way. on paper, except for bribes.

So the final answer is that some businesses, like server co-locating service require about 1-1 IT to non-IT and some, like low tech manufacturing require 0-infinity IT to non-IT ratio.

In other words, the question is meaningless.

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