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Comment: The other side of the coin... (Score 1) 274

by yathaid (#44137753) Attached to: Immigration Bill Passes the Senate, Includes More H-1B Visas
Disclaimer: I am an Indian, completed my MS in CS a year back, been working at a small e-commerce firm named after a large river for over a year now.
There is a lot of hate that seems to be directed at companies hiring H-1Bs at a much lower than average salary rate. This hate is well deserved, it is nothing but exploitation. On the flip side, did you ever think about what makes people agree to those "lower" salaries? The Indian Rupee's exchange rate is at a historical low. That is the downside of having an artificially strong dollar (which gives you some other benefits, but hey, those benefits might not affect you, so who cares, right?)
There also seems to be a lot of hate directed at Facebook and Microsoft. You people are definitely trolling. Most of the top ten software firms start the green card and naturalization process ASAP when you join. MS is specially regarded for this. And most of the H-1Bs they hire are students who came here for undergrad or (more likely) grad school. So hate on Facebook as much as you want, just not in this.
The problem is that, all the IT firms who "import" cheap labor, coagulate the H-1B system. So those who would actually gain from this (and America would also gain from them) essentially go into a lottery for the H-1B slots. These are usually your giant IT (big difference when it comes to software and IT, especially with relation to job market in India) firms like Accenture.
I have not read the full bill yet, saving that for the weekend. But if it has some provision to split these two types of H-1Bs, this would be a big win-win.

P.S. America does really not have enough Electrical, Mechanical and Civil (maybe more disciplines, but these are the ones I have close friends in) engineers. Please do not conflate software with tech.

Comment: Anyone well versed with the new graphics stack? (Score 1) 122

by yathaid (#44124615) Attached to: Canonical To Ship Mir Display Server In Ubuntu 13.10
I haven't kept my eye on every twist and turn in this story.
My mental model of the stack pre all these Mir, Wayland shenanigans was this -
window manager

I guess a couple of layers have been added now? Wayland seems to be a replacement for X that removes the X part from the stack compressing window manager and display server into one layer, so where does Mir sit?

Comment: Re:Moderation != Censorship (Score 1) 406

I think Gräßlin's stance is actually more responsible. His dilemma is "Just because I do not agree with opinions on my blog, should I delete them?". This is a choice of conscience, in a way, the implication being that he realizes he is not in the most objective viewpoint about doing the censoring.
True, moderation is not censorship, but by his stance and (initial) arguments, he seems to be holding himself up to a higher standard.

Comment: Typical Slashdot (Score 1) 109

by yathaid (#43510871) Attached to: Improving the Fedora Boot Experience

I boot my system maybe twice a year. What annoys me is not the graphical appearance during the boot, but the lengthy checks of the filesystems on my 6 disks that are run sequentially instead of parallel. That is a better thing to work on than nice pictures, IMHO.

The start up graphics is pointless, it is not interesting, nor does it tell you anything useful, and it just makes the boot process seem very slow. One of the first things I do with a new fedora system is to disable the start up graphics, and display the boot up messages. So the boot process appears faster (may take exactly the same wall clock time, never measured it), and there is something at least vaguely interesting to look at. Plus, if it freezes for some reason, I've got some hint as to where the problem occurred.

All of this is useful to the average user, how?

Comment: Re:Google Much? (Score 1) 147

by yathaid (#43380239) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux Friendly Video Streaming?

As per finding a legal DRM-free film, your chances are zero for 99% of everything you'd like to watch, and just highly unlikely for the remaining 1%. Any sites that would advertise such are most likely priating the movies and then selling for profit.

The Windows-firefox-with-silverlight-on-wine option seems to work for a lot of people, but unfortunately it does not work well on AMD Radeons.
Mine has a very noticeable drop in framerate.

Someone is unenthusiastic about your work.