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Comment: You've got the wrong religion (Score 1) 825

by yappaty (#5339436) Attached to: EU Agrees to Give Passenger Data to U.S.
It's not terrorists that will doom this country, it's political correctness Right now the most likely event to doom the US will be the failure to secure a sizeable oil supply in the near future as they use so much, but import so little :) And after Venezuala went to pot they've doubled their supply from Iraq.. Ironic?! Any port in a storm eh?

Anyway, without wishing to open a whole can of worms, the highest number of terrorist incidents is probably perpetrated by Israel... or maybe that should just be deaths. It's so hard to tell how to score your terrorists these days, willingness to blow themselves to pieces, blatant cold blooded intent or just good old body counts... I wonder if anyone has a terrorist hi-score table?

Well there's one here for the Iraqi's but it's not quite the same thing.. hmmm.

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