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Comment: Hot Coffee (Score 1) 451

by yakkowakkodot (#29212637) Attached to: US Fed Gov. Says All Music Downloads Are Theft
Oh that was a hoot. Especially when you pause the animations and read the fake text under the headlines.

But what was funnier..(to me, anyway), was the 'security issues' quiz:

I picked 'logged in computer', authentication card in reader, post-it note with password..
('Torchwood: Children of Earth''s MP office coulda used that kind of security check) and a post-it with a phone number.

I was wrong, because I had left out 'coffee without a lid', which is, apparently, a security breach.

Remember folks, don't leave the lid off your coffee. IT'S STEAMING!

Comment: The Lawyers For The Win (Score 2, Funny) 197

by yakkowakkodot (#17641978) Attached to: Apple Sues Over iPhone Smartphone Skins
Okay, pardon me if I get details wrong..
A company that started out with a computer based on a hack of a calculator chip,
using a name that the Beatles used for their music company, Apple Records,
got sued over that, settled with one of the terms that they'd never make musical instruments..
(the sosume beep sound is allegedly named in reference to this)

Fast forward..
A phone out with a name used for a phone by a company that was bought by Cisco, who ignored it up until oh, December 2006,
being sued over that, (results not yet determined), and now they're suing folks for a utility and a cluster of 32x32 icons?

Irony Mobius:
And at the same time, they drop 'Computer' from their name, leaving themselves open for The Beatles reps to sue again.

Oh! The Fees I Sees!

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