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by yabos (#45434753) Attached to: TSA Screening Barely Working Better Than Chance
Actually you can't get signal up that high(~35,000 feet). Around here when I fly my plane you lose data service above 3000 feet or so and at 10,000' you have no signal whatsoever. Now I'm not sure what altitude these calls were supposedly made at but I have first hand knowledge of when my phone will and won't work.

Comment: Re:Cost Per Lumen? BS! (Score 1) 308

by yabos (#43538913) Attached to: Cause of LED Efficiency Droop Finally Revealed
Nice to see that we get ripped off in Canada on these bulbs too compared to the USA...
I bought 2 of the 60w equivalents and they look pretty good. I'm not a fan of the bluish ones, but the yellowish ones looks great. I like that they rate it to a comparable incandescent. Most LEDs seem to give you a lumens output value but for most people, that requires some research into what that is in equivalent incandescent bulb.

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by yabos (#41683277) Attached to: Parent Questions Mandatory High School Chemistry
Until it's too late. I didn't plan on going to university after high school. I still took biology, chemistry, calculus, linear algebra, etc. in high school. A few years after graduating, I decided to go into software engineering at university, which requires a first year in general engineering consisting of most of the above topics except biology. Had I not taken those courses(which btw I was bad at chemistry in both HS and uni), I would have probably not been accepted into university without taking some other courses.

Just because you don't think you'll need a certain course in HS, doesn't mean you won't be glad you took it later in life.

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