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Comment Basement? Really? (Score 1) 151

Unless they are in a city with no chance of flooding, either natural or from infrastructure failure, a basement is dumb place to put that equipment.

Last I heard, Brazil was mostly wet and the infrastructure reliability left something to be desired.

The folly of thin servers has already been mentioned by others.

Comment Re:Fairplay (Score 1) 587

That would only be fair if the majority of the fuel burned by the aircraft wasn't burned to overcome the aircraft's air resistance and weight. As an example, in rough numbers a 737 weighs about 75,000 lbs without passengers or fuel and carries about 130 passengers. That is 576 lbs of aircraft per passenger. Add in maintenance and other operating costs that would still be there is they were flying with no passengers and it becomes obvious that passenger weight is a relatively small percentage of their operating cost. And, there are also costs due to carrying passengers that have nothing to do with weight. Even if a planeload of passengers weighed 0 lbs, it would still take labor hours, passenger terminal expenses etc to process the weightless passengers onto an off the aircraft.

Comment Re:Before trolling starts... (Score 1) 46


I really do believe "you get what you paid for," but then, I'm reminded of the story of golf ball finders a British con artist was selling as "bomb detectors" for several thousand dollars each.

A more realistic version of that old saw is "You rarely get more than you paid for."

Anyone who has been around a while realizes that you frequently get less than you paid for.

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