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Comment Re:How about educating your dumbfuck mother? (Score 1) 463


I fully expect to be made fun of for shit I fuck up. BECAUSE THAT IS HOW PEOPLE LEARN.

I work in IT it is my job to put out fires and clean up messes. Over and over again the same people make the same mistakes because of soft management bullshit like that.

If you make a mistake and there is no cost why would someone spend the 10-20 hours learning how to do something the right way.

If I step outside my area of expertise I either get a contractor to do it or learn. I'm so tired of entitled little shits wanting hand-holding through their entire job.

Comment Re: On the other hand... (Score 1) 700

They arent bricking the device. Just setting the USB product Id to 0. As the vendor and product id belong to fdti.

If the vendor of the knock off trash wanted they could provide a utility to rewrite the id and provide the own driver.

Anyone using a knockoff with the fdti driver is violating the tos/aup.

Comment Re:Spare Change (Score 1) 320

Drinking booze is a luxury. Smoking is a luxury. Coffee is a luxury. I forgo them when I can't afford them why shouldn't a homeless person?

There is no right to drink booze and certainly have no obligation to pay for their booze.

Have you ever tried to give a pan-handler food? They won't take it. If you offer to buy them food they'll just ask for the $. If you insist they'll come with you to ATM.

They aren't hungry. They can scavenge more than enough food from the garbage or get it free at a shelter. What they need is money to get the things they can't scavenge (booze, drugs). So when I walk by a bum after working an 100 hour week... the last thing I have is empathy.

Comment Re:WTF mate? (Score 1) 118

"The Nik-O-Lok Company is a company founded in 1910 with headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, that manufactures and leases door locks for pay toilets, along with other types of equipment for public bathrooms. Locks are designed that can be operated by manufacturer-supplied tokens or by coins (quarters) as well as tokens."

I'm guessing the security camera is so you can't piss in the alley.

Comment Re:I'm an atheist. (Score 4, Insightful) 674

I am an atheist. It's not an organization, it's not a belief, and it certainly is not a fucking religion.

If they start annoying me with it I'm gonna troll the shit out of them. I do this all the time and if they don't want to be screwed with they should keep their trap shut and leave me the fuck alone.

I'd have no problem with it if they managed to keep their 'beliefs' to themselves but it seems they have to drag it into school, government, and every-fucking-where else they seem to think they have a right.
My problem with them is large majority vote whatever way their pastor tells them and believe whatever crap they interpret out of their religious text. There is nothing more dangerous that stupid people in large numbers with a book that tells them whatever they do is right and the will of whatever deity they worship.

Religion is a disease and sooner or later it will be destroyed or mankind by it.

Comment Re:Usability issue, not hard technical one... (Score 2) 320

This is just a matter of changing the way the URI is displayed:


With a helpful little blurb that explains (with pictures) the differences. I'm sure with some thought and a few user trails you could come up with a UI solution that most people will be able to understand well enough to know that credit card stuff should be green and that pink is better than red.


Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 95

I don't know how your office was setup but ours is a complete zoo.

It's 100% open concept with about 4-5ft high dividers. The noise is insane. It's horribly distracting.

The only way I get any work done is jacking into my cellphone for music to block all the annoying chatter out. If this was the only problem you might be able to say it was just bad design.

Another problem is interrupts. People constantly ask me stupid questions when they can see me instead of following the process and opening a ticket. If I put my headphones in and ignore them (yes, I see you there, I don't care about your stupid question so I'm pretending I don't) they will wave a hand in front of my eyes or touch me. And yes give them shit if they interrupt me for something stupid.

I'm allowed to work 1-2 days a week from home and those are the ONLY days I get a reasonable amount of work done.

Comment Re:In this oligarchy, the people don't matter (Score 1) 615

I disagree. I have absolutely no idea how to determine how many nuclear warheads are needed or how they should be positioned.

If this had been reviewed by a panel of experts in that particular field and they broke it down and explained the risks and caveats of a particular reductions then *maybe* it could be put to a vote by the general populace.

The problem is that a lot of the general population outright FEAR anything that involves the word "nuclear".

Even if a panel agreed the best thing to do would be to re-purpose the material for power generation you'd be fighting NIMBY-types the entire way.

Comment Re:Photographer should say "Go ahead" (Score 4, Insightful) 667

I've worked for hosting providers and worked abuse tickets.

Sane providers will give their client 48 hours to submit a counter claim. Doesn't matter if you are clearly lying through your teeth. If I get a signed counter-claim that you own it that's it and the complainant take take you to court or screw off.

GoDaddy is known for suspending immediately without any notification.

There is nothing wrong with a submitting a DMCA notification when the hosting provider is sane. The woman *KNOWS* she doesn't own copyright to the photo because she didn't take it and it wasn't granted anywhere. What he should have done as soon as she started talking about damages and making threats is referred her to his lawyer. People that will sue know enough not to make threats they just do it.

Comment Re:Population Control? (Score 1) 452

Nature is a harsh bitch.

Humans and gone and corrupted the natural controls on population size and we are just starting to suffer the consequences. Natural resources aren't just going to appear because it's not fair that kids are starving. Population control would probably be a more effective long term solution then trying to increase the supply.

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