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Comment avoid Lenovo ThinkPad Edge (Score 2) 347

Got one recently, and it is truly awful. Screen, buttons, optical drive, cooling fan, drivers, usb ports, brightness controls, wifi, battery, you name it, it has a problem. Resume from sleep and brightness controls are broken. Reboot and wifi is missing. Totally power off and restart, usb port rejects the mouse. Fan pulses up and down every 2 seconds. Suddenly can't read the battery, and it will soon emergency shut down, unless rebooting to fix that asap. Optical drive randomly pops open occasionally. Rejects discs 1/3 of the time. Pops open after closing with no disc 1/3 of the time. Screen is bright gray instead of black (I knew it was a cheap screen, but dear goodness I was not expecting that bright of a gray.) Left trackpad button has to be smashed to work. There is no Win7 graphics driver on the official website for the exact model (but you can find one with web search.) I do like the feel of the keyboard though. Check the official Lenovo forums to see more carnage.

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