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Comment Re:The real mystery (Score 1) 232

Which language will you use to write the CLR then? C# itself? Yes, it's doable. But then you can't use CLR to run your CLR implementation in C#, or it never ends. So you have to compile your C# code to binary, and consequently you can't rely on the features of CLR, such as memory management, what's the point of using C# then?
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New Coalition To Promote OSS To Feds 99

LinuxScribe writes "Red Hat, Mozilla, Novell, Oracle, and Sun are among the 50-plus member Open Source for America coalition that will be officially announced today by Tim O'Reilly at OSCON. The OSA will be a strong advocate for free and open source software, and plans to boost US Federal government support and adoption of FOSS. From their website: 'The mission of OSA is to educate decision makers in the US Federal government about the advantages of using free and open source software; to encourage the Federal agencies to give equal priority to procuring free and open source software in all of their procurement decisions; and generally provide an effective voice to the US Federal government on behalf of the open source software community, private industry, academia, and other non-profits.'"

Comment Re:Chinese "Nationwide Controversy?" (Score 1) 113

No, the entire thing is made up. China is an extremely poor country and it only has one power generator, which is in Zhongnanhai and only used when foreign leaders come to visit. No shock therapy is possible in China, the average Chinese have no idea what electricity is.

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