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Comment Re:"Messaging service"? (Score 3, Informative) 92

Why the hell are people using a "messaging app"? Don't most peoples' phones have messaging built in? Mine certainly does.

WhatsApp started offering free messaging at a time when most mobile companies around the world would still charge for each and every SMS sent (and received). They were in the right place at the right time in the early days of the smartphone, and where able to get a critical mass of users to the point that in many countries they ARE the default text messaging platform.

Keep in mind that some carriers would still charge for international text messages, even if they would be free within your own country -- WhatsApp never charged for those either.

In the US free text messages is/was much more common and they never captured a huge portion of the messaging market there, but on a global scale they currently have about a billion active users a month, which is not that far behind the marketshare of Facebook itself.

Comment Re:Even-Numbered Windows Version (Score 1) 720

A lot of old software would differentiate if it was running on a Windows 95 or Windows 98 system by checking if the OS Name string began with "Windows 9". Microsoft jumped from Windows 8 to Windows 10 to avoid creating problems if someone tried to run one of these apps on a Windows 9 system.

Plus they could probably forsee the never-ending deluge of "Windows NEIN!" plastered all over the internet.

Comment Re: Get an anti bark device (Score 1) 388

Simpler solution - offer to,take the dog for a walk. It's bored and lonely, it's going to bark. You may even get to like the little yipper once he stops.

I doubt many people would willing hand their dog over "for a walk" to the neighbor who "always complains" about their precious dog and who "obviously" hates its presence and/or continued existence.

Comment Options (Score 5, Informative) 199

The main reason the bananas are vulnerable to this is that all commercially grown bananas are sterile clones, reproducing asexually:

Wild non-cultivated bananas are pretty much all seed and wouldn't make a very desirable alternative:

Since the commercial bananas are all identical, they are all equally susceptible to the same disease, which leaves three options:
1) Identify and switch to a different strain of banana that's not susceptible, which takes a lot of time, money, and likely has other drawbacks
2) Forget about bananas -- hard to do in parts of the world where they are a staple food
3) Use genetic engineering to try to create a disease resistant version before it's too late

Comment Re:Another vote for build (Score 1) 325

You're generally saving yourself trouble in the long run by building it yourself. As other have said, buying a pre-built system means you're going to have to worry about bloatware, firmware issues, and dealing with support if something goes wrong.

On the other hand, if something DOES go wrong there is a single company responsible, which you can call and demand a resolution from. If you put together your own components then the video card manufacturer will blame the motherboard, the motherboard manufacturer will blame the memory, and the memory manufacturer will blame the power supply -- it will be a LOT harder to get anyone to admit fault and actually resolve the problem, and randomly replacing parts yourself is a whole lot more frustrating and blows away any potential savings there may have been. (which in unlikely in this day and age in the first place, since pre-built machines tend to be cheaper than buying your own components, especially after you factor in a new windows license as well)

In the end, "dealing with support" is a lot less frustrating than dealing with NO support.
Pre-built machines from large companies are presumably designed and tested before mass-marketed, and there's less chance of random incompatibility interactions than if you put together a handful of random components yourself.

The main advantage of building your own is that you can pick and choose your individual components, presumably without making as many compromises -- but it WILL increase the chances of interoperability problems, and it likely adversely affects the total price as well. In the 90's it was a lot cheaper to built your own -- that hasn't been the case for a long time now.

Comment Re:Intel compute stick (Score 1) 224

You can get an Intel HDMI Compute Stick with way much better specs at nearly similar price point.

On intel's compute stick page ( ) it only lists one processor configuration, the Atom Z3735F. That CPU scores 905 of the Passmark CPU benchmark (

By comparison, the the Kangaroo uses a x5-z8500 processsor, which scores 1,652 on the same tests.

If anything, the kangaroo has almost twice the processing power of the compute stick.

Comment Or... (Score 1) 82

"[P]eople with the highest level of social integration had less than half the decline in their cognitive function of the least socially active subjects."

...Or the less the decline of their cognitive functions, the easier people find it to continue to keep with their up their social interactions?

Comment Re:Scammers (Score 4, Interesting) 286

The idea that you can make it to the shelter is ridiculous. If by some chance we need one, we won't have enough notice to do more than move 50 miles

Even if you could make it there -- what are the odds that the on-site maintenance people are even going to let you in, rather than their own families?

Comment Re:Write yourself in as a character... (Score 2) 95

Yeah, it's an odd thing. I'm always seeing continuity errors that I find obvious. Others might either say Hey that's right, but more often they just get irritated. Probably part memory, part pattern recognition.

One thing that is easily overlooked by viewers of a long-running show, is that the writers for such a universe have a LOT more information to digest -- because in addition to all the finished episodes the viewer has seen, they have also gone over hundreds or even thousands of other (proposed) stories and storylines that never did make it to finished form. That makes it ever harder on the creators to keep to remember what's actually canon and part of the 'published' universe

Another difference: The viewer watches the finished product, start to finish. The writers on the other hand will often jump around between section when writing a story, or it may even have several different writers altogether who wrote different parts of the same story. It''s easy to end up with some continuity issues that way.

In addition to actual mistakes/oversights, some of the 'continuity errors' will also be in place just for comedic sake -- Even though it may conflict with the 'actual' layout of the town, conveniently moving things around can set the stage for a joke, etc. Most viewers won't be bothered by some creative freedom like that.

Shows that don't take themselves too seriously can be a lot more entertaining than ones where everything is very rigid and formulaic. Who cares if it's technically correct when it's no longer FUN?

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