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Comment: Re:Because Airport Wi-Fi sucks (Score 1) 135

by xiux (#47176443) Attached to: Free Wi-Fi Coming To Atlanta's Airport
At work we are considering aruba wireless. We were shown an installation that was handling 11k users at at any point during the day. They said that installation sees 60k unique devices in a week. They would fit a room with 5 or 6 radios to handle 300 people at around 2 to 3 devices each. They do this by turning down the transmit power on each radio, because it's not about coverage but density.

Comment: Re:Real question: Why can they? (Score 1) 1003

by xiux (#24385961) Attached to: Software Price Gap Between the US and Europe

Semi-first world countries? Just goes to show how out of touch Americans really are with the rest of the world.


quite a few Americans

most likely...

Responding to a gross generalization with another is not cool. There are some of us here that see the light, but obviously are not the ones in charge.

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