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Comment: Dungeons & Dragons (Score 1) 839

by xcal78 (#26448301) Attached to: <em>Halo 3</em> Criticized In Murder Conviction

I remember this defense back when we played "violent" games from books with our imagination called, Dungeons & Dragons. The defense didn't work back there either so it's good it doesn't work now. There will always been some scape goat excuse people will try. The next one will be Virtual Reality games made me do it!

Comment: 3000 blank passports and visas stolen in England (Score 4, Informative) 734

by xcal78 (#26432793) Attached to: Visitors To US Now Required To Register Online
And people wonder why the US likes to check and double check who's comming into the country? "A security van carrying blank visas and passports was hijacked near Manchester in north England at 6:40 a.m. Monday, 28 July 2008. At least 3,000 blank passports and visa stickers in 24 brown cardboard boxes - intended for distribution to embassies and consulates abroad - were stolen." Ref:

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