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As someone who used to work with research mice A LOT, I can tell you that captive mice (yes, the normal "wild-type" mice) are considered very old after 18 months, but in the wild they live around 4 years. My theory is that the real wild-type mice, ie the ones out in the field, get lots of excercise and have reduced caloric intake. The captive research mice have all the food and water they could ever want 24/7 and live in tiny boxes with no exercise wheel. Yes, the captive mice don't get diabetes or atherosclerosis, but they're still not living as long...

Either that, or they're so inbred it makes GoT seem tame!

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That, and their customer support is really awful (the actual software is mediocre). It doesn't handle moving states to change jobs very well. It kept trying to slap me with an entire year's worth of taxes for one state. Customer support was non-existent (see numerous Intuit fora).

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I think answers like this border on asinine. We're in a recession with double-digit unemployment. How easy would it be for him to find another job? If the curreny job really is malignant, then how likely is it a positive letter of recommendation will come from them? Relocation costs money. Uprooting the family is a drain on happiness. In all likelihood, the wife/mom is probably employed too. You'd need to find two jobs in the same locale.

It's easy to just say "go get another job" but it's another thing entirely to pull off.

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Quit your (please learn the difference betwen your and you're) bitchin'. What type of school are you talking about? I've seen medical school stats and white males are in 3rd place behind Asians and white females in GPA and test scores. That probably holds true for most other types of schools, as well. And yet...white males are pretty much the major group at most medical schools, corporations, hospitals, etc. I am a white male and not a minority, BTW.

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As a relatively young MD/PhD student I've noticed that there are relatively few Americans in any of the PhD programs at my university. My perspective is from the biomedical sciences, but still. Most are Chinese or Indian students and most of the American students are already planning for industry, consulting, or some other non-research job. I would also add that e) stressing about writing grants every few years and progress reports for those grants every year - is a deterrent for continuing a career in science.

Solar Panels For Your Pants 81

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Phoghat writes "A new line of clothes come with its own solar panels to charge small electronics in your pocket. It might be overdoing the 'Green' technology but for the low, low price of $920, you can own a pair of Go Urban Cargo Pants, which boasts 'fly front, low-slung drawstring waist, and two back patch pockets with button down flaps,' but the main reason you might want them is the: "'two side cargo pockets with independently functioning power supply.'"

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If you're really Jewish, you probably know Chanukkah isn't a big deal in terms of Jewish holidays. The fact that it occurs around Christmas time in a heavily-Christian-influenced society has moved it towards the generally meaningless, consumer-driven holiday it is now. Real Jews don't taint their important holidays with that crap (see Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana).

Thief Posts His Photo To Facebook Victim's Account 222

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An anonymous reader writes "Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher discovered his house had been burgled; money, a winter coat, an iPod and his son's laptop were stolen. Imagine his surprise when Facebook friends of his 15-year-old son reported that a photo of the apparent thief, wearing Fisher's coat and holding a wad of notes, had been uploaded to his son's Facebook account. How addicted do you have to be to a social network to post a status update and upload your photo *while* you're burgling someone's house?"

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I agree to a point, but TV is so central to the US way of life that you're somewhat deficient in cultural literacy if you don't watch TV. Therefore, I maximize my, uh... "education" by watching TV shows about other TV shows like The Soup and TMZ. That, plus the internet allows me the appearance of watching TV 8 hours a day while still working 70+ hours a week. :)

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