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Comment: None, not by choice (Score 1) 412

by x78 (#28761905) Attached to: Under my immediate control are X USB drives; X=

Actually really annoying, I had at least 5 a few months ago but now I can't find a single bloody one, I keep handing them out to others with on it and I either don't get them back or they must be falling through holes in my pockets!

I was in need of my Arch Linux boot USB the other day as well so I could diagnose another computer with a boot from USB option, but alas it was nowhere to be found. I haven't used CDs in years now because USB booting is far, far handier than burning a new CD / DVD every time you want to try a new distro out. It's just a pity that not that not every distro distribute USB images.

Did I hear rumors of Windows avaliable as a USB image in future? That would save on CDs as well, although I don't like the idea of 4+GiB for an OS install, even if the latest USB drives are bigger than that now.

Comment: Re:EVE Online's approach (Score 1) 463

by x78 (#28614051) Attached to: The Dilemma of Level vs. Skill In MMOs

It's not like in that month there is nothing you can do while it levels!
And it's not like any one skill could really have determined the outcome of a battle, unless you were exactly equally matched in ship, ship equipment, etc.
It's certainly not a boring game to play once you get into the social aspect of it all, something not nearly as important in any other game I've played, even other MMOs (WoW for example).
If you go into it and float about doing level 1 missions by yourself not talking to anyone then yes, I can see how it would be the most boring game!

Comment: Re:Less time? How about same time, better product? (Score 1) 146

by x78 (#28572243) Attached to: IBM Releases Open Source Machine Learning Compiler

The coders take the time they would have used to "optimize" and instead better document, test, and debug the code

This sounds absolutely bloody awful!
Optimization is so much more fun that testing and documentation, the most boring elements in the whole of computer science!

Comment: Re:Still available at... (Score 1) 9

by x78 (#28497429) Attached to: Meta: Total Number of Comments?

Cute, I'm on 65!

I do disagree with some of the changes in the beta index, do they still have total comments on an article not showing? That's what made me go back to the default..
Got to say it's faster as well without all the extra bloat, guess I'll just be sticking to the norm and hoping the changes don't get put into my favourite slashdot :)

Comment: Re:A wiki? (Score 1) 286

by x78 (#28207527) Attached to: What Do You Do With a Personal Domain?

A wiki wasn't exactly what I was looking for, it was more just a very simple place to leave comments, like a thread on 4chan or something to that extent. Though I have never run a wiki so I guess it might work.
I did run phpBB for a while, but it's more advanced than what I was looking for, and I don't think it's the best for anonymous comments (registration is a stress!)

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