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Comment: Re:but don't expect them to do as they say... (Score 1) 277

by wylf (#44965347) Attached to: Clinton Grants $1 Million To Edible Insect Farmers

psst: you realise you've been eating insect[-derived matter] all this time, right? Cochineal is the most common example, I think.

Here's another idea though: your culture finding it so repellant has no bearing on "many others". Trust me, there are many more people out there who do, or would eat insects than otherwise. Welcome to the minority!

Comment: device running *on* Ubuntu (Score 2) 155

by wylf (#44493727) Attached to: First Laptop With Full-Sized Solar Panels Will Run On Ubuntu

Last time I checked, software (i.e. the OS) ran on the hardware, not the other way around.

And if this thing is just a solar charger - admittedly a pretty cool one - where's the linux tie-in? My USB charger works with my phone (that runs on Android*, incidentally). Does that make it big Android news?

* yes, I see what I did. wonder why...

Comment: Re:Problems with Open Source in general (Score 2) 169

by wylf (#43931195) Attached to: One Week With GNOME 3 Classic

...the result is that only one or two selections are visible at one time.

Stop (collaborate and listen!) - I agree the XBMC ribbon isn't the greatest implementation, but don't introduce hyperbole into your argument - the screenshot you reference clearly shows 3.5 selectors, with 4 selectors most likely being accessible at the same time. That's a far cry from "one or two".

(And does anyone actually use XBMC as a photo gallery? First thing I did was go into the system menu and disable half of the services: I want to watch T.V. and Movies, and access some Apps, maybe some Music worked out ok for me, but obviously YMDV).

Comment: Re:"and websites" (Score 2) 94

Ever heard of a library? They have special rights also.

Special rights afforded by your Copyright Act (or equivalent). IA have no such (direct) provision.

afaik, IA are covered on the basis all archived material is publicly accessible, coupled with a straightforward removal process for copyright holders.

Comment: Re:Be creative but have rules (Score 1) 429

by wylf (#39284723) Attached to: Server Names For a New Generation
With a large bunch of sysadmins, everyone had their own naming schema. Yeah, you try and get 4 argue-for-the-sake-of-it types to agree on something so trivia^H^H^H important. So we used CNAMEs to give context to the server. apps-prod-3, db-dev etc. All connectivity went through the CNAME... except for the sysadmins I guess. This made life really easy when replacing servers - update dns, drop the virtual iface on the old one, plumb it up on the new.

"Now this is a totally brain damaged algorithm. Gag me with a smurfette." -- P. Buhr, Computer Science 354