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Comment Yeah, right (Score 1) 80

Can't really trust AMD and their "core" counts any more. Used to buy AMD CPUs almost exclusively in the past. Then got a top of the line, supposedly 8-core, FX-8350 (two of them in fact). When tried running 8 processes in parallel, got about 40% performance drop. After reading the fine print, turns out it has only 4 independent units, and pairs of "cores" sharing resources, effectively making it a 4-core CPU in reality. Fuck you, AMD!

Comment Hmmmmm (Score 1) 159

I understand why Netflix is doing this. I don't understand the logic of the companies that license content to Netflix and force them to do that. Someone who's tech savvy enough to use a VPN service, and who gets cut off, what do you think they are going to do? Go buy a DVD in their local store or go torrent what they want? What's more likely? I know what I would do. So the goal of the studios, who could be getting some money from Netflix, to get zilch point bupkis dollars for their content? What's the logic here?!

Comment Endless search for a good email client (Score 1) 388

Thunderbird has so many bugs, and yet when I tried to find a replacement, there isn't anything good out there...
- Global search never worked right. On many occasions I would search for a specific word(s), it would find nothing, and I would go scroll through emails and sure enough what I was looking for is right there. Sometimes it would find an email, I would click on it in the "found" list, and it would open an empty pane, and no way to get to the actual email;
- It often corrupts the inbox, and sometimes other folders, and you would have to use "Repair folder" to get it back, and then re-configure the columns because it reset it to default (why?!); I always wondered if I lost actual emails because of this?
- Filters never worked right; I have a pretty extensive set of rules (~30), and often the incoming email would still be sitting in the inbox, and I would have to manually run the filters for it to be moved to the right folder; if more than one filter applies to the incoming email, it would sometimes choose one or the other filter at random;
- The font setting for messages is stupid; Why is there no one global setting to use a particular font/size for all encodings (and possibly individual exceptions for specific encodings if needed)? I like a particular font/size, and they keep messing up the settings, and the way it is rendered every few versions, and I'm so tired trying to get everything back the way it looked before, to the point I stopped updating Thunderbird now because I'm afraid they fucked up the fonts again; it's probably because I have a large monitor (who doesn't these days?) so I have to scale up Windows fonts in the system settings, and every few versions they seem to keep changing the way they handle that;

In case it matters, it's Windows 7 and IMAP with several local folders for archiving old emails.

Please, oh, please, tell me there is something better out there?

Comment Re:I asked a very similar question last month... (Score 1) 177

And then let's say the motherboard in your NAS dies. Let's say it happens in 10 years (I'm being generous here), and there is no Synology/QNAP around any more, or even if they still exist, they don't make compatible products any more. Can you pull HDDs out of your NAS and read data from them somehow, in a convenient non-spend-a-week-copying-individual-files-by-hand way?

  That's why a generic Linux install on a commodity PC hardware will beat any NAS for longevity.

Comment What about sound compression? (Score 1) 285

When are they going to fix their sound encoding?! I often have to switch to plain stereo from the default 5.1, because the higher-frequency is distorted which makes speech/dialog sound especially "tinny". Don't know if it's due to higher compression for 5.1 sound, or something else, but it annoys the hell out of me. I'm no audiophile either, so it is pretty apparent. Using PS3 hooked to a receiver, so it could be the PS3 client. Tried reporting this issue to Netflix, but there is no way to do it except by calling them.

Comment Re:Reminder: Holographic theory != Simulation (Score 1) 157

Uh, correction...

The point is that the universe is (d-1)D, but looks (d)D because of the way information is encoded. Or something. A genuine physicist can probably explain it more accurately (I'm 100% sure I've made at least two errors above) and clearly than I can though

Source code must be a hologram too: since every bug you find is second-to-last.

Comment Re:It was a "gun free zone" that got hit. Again. (Score 1) 1134

Really? How about good guys with no guns vs. a bad guy with AKM + 9 mags + a handgun + a knife:

Now, I'm all for banning big guns, but small caliber pocket pistols that preferably take forever to reload, that's a different story. Can't go on a mass shooting rampage with one, won't be lethal when goes through a wall or a desk, but enough to stop a bad guy when needed. Not guaranteed of course, but better than trying to bum-rush an AKM empty-handed.

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