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Comment The iPhone 5 Rumors (Score 1) 93

The word on the street is the iphone5 is about to make its appearance in June of 2011, the month all iPhones have made their debut. Details are sketchy, but the iphone 5 is rumored to be the most powerful in the iphone line. True iphone fans are speculating the design of the iphone 5 will be all new and improved with added enhancements and the already installed good stuff tweaked for improved usage. The big issue for iPhoners is the antennae problem in the iPhone 4. To some it was an abdominal mistake that Apple will never be able to make up for no matter how high profile the iPhone 5 becomes. Returning to a previous antennae design is the same as admitting failure to some and that is unacceptable to them. While everyone, even Apple, admit there are flaws with the iPhone 4 antennae, it is a technology that might need more time to be redefined and fine tuned before it is working at the level it should and everyone, including Apple, expects it would. Article Writing Service

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