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The Media

Journal: commercials

Journal by wotevah

I wouldn't mind so much seeing commercials on TV if they weren't so damn LOUD. As it is, I am forced to mute each and every one of them. Some are actually watchable that way. And some are funny, like when they relied so much on the audio message that the video makes no sense without it.

I don't expect them to respect the customer and leave the volume button alone during commercials. This is probably one of those "industry-standard" things that laugh "choice" in the face.

It seems to me that video alone has much less impact than audio by itself. I wonder why, considering that images are a considerably larger portion of our memories than sounds.

User Journal

Journal: handicapped tags 1

Journal by wotevah

Sometimes I wonder if all the luxury cars come with handicapped tags standard.

It's almost like a status thing. How many times have you seen a brand-spanking new Lexus or Mercedes rushing in the handicapped spot in front of your favorite Starbucks, the blue tag pulled from the sunvisor and it's some hip dude whose only handicap might be his constant need to be noticed ?

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