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Comment: Re:DOA? (Score 1) 87

by world_citizen (#35451382) Attached to: OpenSUSE 11.4 Released

What's openSUSE's future look like? Since Novell is slowly dying, are we going to see openSUSE fade from being the #2 / #3 distro?

First of all I don't know if Novell is dying. Novell is Acquired by Attachmate Corporation.

Secondly the openSuSE community is very big and is operating on more or less independently from Novell.

Even if Novell would dying I think other companies would by the SuSE part with SLES. As SLES quality is also due to the openSuSE quality I don't think a owner of SLES would not support openSuSE.

I as a openSuSE packages still foresee a bright future for openSUSE and SLES also because the community around openSuSE is growing. And there are great projects within openSuSE like the openSUSE Build Service (Multi distro packaging framework), SUSE Studio (Build a custom distro), etc

Comment: Maybe the console makers are to blame (Score 1) 495

by world_citizen (#32799972) Attached to: Is PC Gaming Set For a Comeback?
I thing the console builders are to blame. Most PC games don't have hidden costs, and you are the ruler of the PC, more of less. Since Sony's action to remove the otherOS option I'm not fond of the consoles anymore. Customer who are using console have more or less sold their rights to the console maker. In the end they have the power we as a customer has non (by accepting te EULA you've sold your console soul to ...) They can remove anything they want to and even ask money for something that used to be free.

Comment: Security thoughs about EFI. (Score 1) 532

by world_citizen (#32504538) Attached to: BIOS Will Be Dead In Three Years
This link gives some extra information security thoughts about EFI.

Another important thing to realize about EFI is that it also contemplates enabling chipset features that will trap certain OS operations to an EFI-based control system running in System Management Mode. In other words, under EFI, there is no guarantee that the OS owns the platform. Accesses to IDE I/O addresses, or certain memory addresses, can be trapped to EFI code and potentially examined and modified or aborted. Many see this as an effort to build a "DRM BIOS".

Comment: Re:So they're asking for DRM? (Score 1) 360

by world_citizen (#32206980) Attached to: Hacking Automotive Systems

I don't see any advantage when it would be encrypted or DRM would be used.
As a garage needs to do tests they'll be able to change values. If you get the keys credentials from a garage one can do the same.

It should just be impossible either change values for certain devices like brakes when the car is running or they should be reset when a diagnostic device is detached.

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