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+ - LHC Shuts Down Again for Upgrades->

Submitted by
workman161 writes "Apparently the LHC is getting shut down again at the end of the year to further refine its construction. While engineers believe it it safe to run at half it's maximum power, the joints between magnets need strengthening before advancing to black-hole creation speed. So now what is supposed to happen in 2012 for the apocalypse?"
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+ - Facebook Chat now accessible through XMPP-> 1

Submitted by
AceJohnny writes "More than a year and a half after announcing imminent XMPP support, Facebook has finally activated XMPP access to Facebook Chat. Long after Google has shown the way with Google Talk and Gmail integration, it looks like XMPP has gained mainstream acceptance as an open alternative to proprietary systems such as {MSN,Windows Live} Messenger and AIM."
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Comment: Re:The news item is rather subjective though. (Score 3, Informative) 125

by workman161 (#26782565) Attached to: Ruckus Closes Down

Whole news item summary sounds like an Apple troll.

I disagree. If you've ever used Ruckus, you can't say you liked it. Most of iTunes is DRM-free now anyways. The only reason Ruckus got any popularity was because it was marketed to college campuses as a safe alternative to file sharing. Naturally, paranoid campuses (such as mine) promoted it heavily, trying to keep the RIAA off their backs.

Comment: Re:What I want to know is (Score 1, Informative) 318

by workman161 (#26703299) Attached to: Second Netbook Wave Begins

Depends on which pointer you've used. I've tried the ones on dell laptops, and it takes about a half second to register any movement.

However, the ones on my thinkpads and my compaq armada (from '98) work like a dream. Just about everyone I know who had your same idea that a trackpoint is unusable used one of my thinkpads for about 10 minutes and suddenly hated touchpads. They thought it a marvel that they're so rare. Try playing a FPS with a trackpoint instead of a touchpad.

The least they could do is give us an option.

Comment: Planet Names (Score 0) 1397

by workman161 (#26703125) Attached to: Why Do We Name Servers the Way We Do?
My home network has a very simple naming system. Since I'm using the planets, its really easy to see what the 'purpose' of each machine is. Gas giants are servers, planets are desktops, moons are laptops, satelites are devices, and comets are various cruft. Oh, and subnetworks are galaxies :) My main servers are Jupiter (huge compaq beast from '98), Neptune (a nice mythtv server), and Saturn (another mythtv server). Laptops are Callisto, Charon, and Thebe. My one desktop is Pluto. Finally, my 'cruft' is my Wii SOHO, XBox Ares, HP scanner/printer Hubble, and my wireless subnet is called Andromeda. Its quite simple and makes sense to me.

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