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Comment Re:Encrypted? (Score 1) 277

There's this thing in the world called OLD PEOPLE. Turns out they still kinda know how to shamble around and can still twiddle a potentiometer with a plastic tool.

I don't know why the recovery company didn't talk to one of these. Was it the smell? Or was it that they wouldn't be able to bill for a year of work if they got the problem solved in an afternoon?

Comment Re:Given a choice in the 70's (Score 0, Troll) 277


CP/M standardized the dirs and file system. Even ZCPR3 added on top was straightforward and wouldn't take you an hour to figure out.

Yes, there were different sector setups. You run through them all until you find the format. That takes an hour. So complex? No.

And no, most word processors used text files. Things were WAY more straight-forward in the days of CP/M. DOC, RTF and ODF are nightmares compared to CP/M-based word-processor formats. OK, let's say this was an odd one. So you run the damn software he used under a CP/M emulator and you print the files to the emulated rs232 port and capture the output.

This is a trivial problem and there's absolutely no way anyone with a half a brain could have taken a year to do it.

Submission + - Candidates on H1Bs: Clinton, Rubio, Trump, Cruz, and Sanders

wonkavader writes: While Hillary Clinton's issue page on immigration doesn't mention H1Bs, she's been in favor of increasing the number of H1Bs being issued. Marco Rubio likewise doesn't mention H1Bs in his immigration issues page, but he defended H1Bs in one of the debates and has pushed for higher caps in past.
Trump's immigration position paper says that he wants to see wages rise for workers on H1Bs. Ted Cruz had in past wanted to raise the cap on H1Bs, but has now gone anti-H1B in his immigration policy page.
Bernie Sanders titles the paragraph on H1Bs in his immigration position page "End the Economic Exploitation of Immigrant Workers" and says we should both "substantially increase prevailing wages" and not bind a worker to an employer, which would essentially destroy the H1B program for companies replacing domestic talent with cheap foreign labor.
It seems like only a win by Rubio or Clinton will preserve the lucrative H1B program as we now know it. The Indian press has many stories about this.

Comment Amazon Review (Score 5, Informative) 358

Folks, take a couple of minutes and add a review of the Hue products you own on Amazon. A naive buyer will think that he/she can use it with the LED lights from Cree, for example, because there are websites showing this pairing -- we need to inform buyers that this will not work.

It's a service we owe other consumers.

Hue hubs currently enjoy an average of approximately 4 stars. That number seems overly high.

Comment Re:Imagine if Intel did this (Score 1) 280

The do have competition. It only looks like they don't because they've been working so hard to consistently beat them. There was a time when AMD leapfrogged them and taught them what happens when they moved slowly. AMD had better chips for a good while, there. Intel had to scramble to catch back up, then pass AMD. Now Intel stays ahead of them, always. They improve because they have competition.

And if they hadn't been improving consistently, ARM would be currently eating their lunch in the server market. Which it's not.

Comment Comcast (Score 1) 280

If I could get 5 Mb/s out of Comcast and have it RELIABLE I'd be way better off than I am now with 20+Mb/s to Comcast servers and VPN connections dropping 5 times a day.

Yesterday I gave up and tethered up my cell phone. It was slower, but rock solid.

Comcast tech: "Go to -- what does it say?"

Comment Re:Calling Mr. Bradbury (Score 1) 130

451 is not about censorship. It is about television, as Mr. Bradbury himself explained.

In F451 they're not burning SOME books, they're burning ALL BOOKS. If you wrote a book saying how wonderful the government was, they'd burn THAT. That's not censorship, that's removing competition.

Comment A hope, rather than a guess (Score 5, Interesting) 198

I don't think this is what Google had in mind, but I hope this will become part of their plan:

The real problem with Comcast isn't the connections to the home or to Comcast's servers, it's the routers which move traffic to other networks. Not just their peering relationships, but the hardware they overload along the way.

These devices have a network test function. They provide Google with a whole bunch of edge devices in the consumer Internet space which openly say they're going to communicate with Google. I'm hoping that Google will use these to map out ISP network and use the information to A. spoof DNS results to avoid overloaded equipment, B. Tattle on problems to partners to adjust BGP (or whatever ISPs are using now for routing tables), C. Use the information to bludgeon the ISPs (OK, really that just means Comcast) in the press and in Congress to force change to facilitate faster, cheaper connections.

So they can push more ads.

Comment That was NOT the target (Score 3, Insightful) 142

There's nothing wrong with giving foreigners who just graduated from an American college the chance to stay and work. These are people who competed to get into school and won, had the money to pay for it, and then learned more at the school. These are precisely the folks we want to stay here.

This should be extended to graduates with good grades in all disciplines, not dialed back.

The real problem is H1Bs and the difficulty in getting a green card. It's the indentured servitude nature of the immigration-work-model which allows companies to pay less and force down American wages. We should provide enough protection to foreign workers that they can tell an employer to shove it.

People can apply for work visas if they have something to offer, and they can come and help pay for our college system and prove that they can work VERY hard and learn fast via the school-visa program. We should embrace everybody coming in on that path. H1Bs are simply destructive.

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