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Comment: Reports of their death are widely exaggerated (Score 1) 437

by wombat1966 (#33686334) Attached to: E-Books Are Only 6% of Printed Book Sales
There is no way that books will die. Those who prefer a digital format have undoubtedly already jumped on the bandwagon. It is a little bit like predicting that computers had heralded the death of paper and pen. Judging by my kids' back to school supply lists, Staples will be doing a heady business in them for a long time coming. Pam

Comment: Hmm. Some hubbies are gnna be out of luck... (Score 1) 271

by wombat1966 (#33686288) Attached to: Researcher Builds Machines That Daydream
Being able to correctly identify emotion associated with a story or event is not the same as feeling emotion about that story or event. Although, I have to say, it is an admirable social skill. Keep it up and many husbands are going to find themselves replaced by a robot who can correctly identify and parrot back the correct emotional response to a woman. ;0) Pam

Comment: An emotion reader- just for guys (Score 1) 76

by wombat1966 (#33389144) Attached to: How To Index and Search a Video By Emotion
I see a great market in helping guys understand women. The computer could watch her face and text him, "She's bored. Enough football talk." "She's getting upset. Stop talking about her mother." "Uh-oh. She didn't REALLY want to know if she looks fat." Could revolutionize relationships. Pam

Comment: Re:But it's only a dollar! (Score 1) 274

by wombat1966 (#33380226) Attached to: Apple In Talks To Bring $0.99 TV Rentals To iTunes
True enough. I have to admit that "crotchspawn" is not a word one generally hears in day-to-day conversation. I'll further admit that its new to me. So on that point, I'll concede mjwx has enlarged, if not improved, my vocabulary. I missed where I defended anything. Perhaps I didn't read carefully? ;0) Pam

Comment: Re:This Is Great News ... (Score 1) 157

by wombat1966 (#33377316) Attached to: Possible Treatment For Ebola
I think you are right. It astonishes me, really that we've made so little progress in fighting viruses. But then, antibiotics were discovered by accident! I wonder if you know why they are called anti-sense drugs? It seems such an odd name- there must be a reason behind it. Pam

Comment: But it's only a dollar! (Score 3, Interesting) 274

by wombat1966 (#33375122) Attached to: Apple In Talks To Bring $0.99 TV Rentals To iTunes
Actually I think it's a great move. Probably isn't going to attract anyone who wants a whole season of House, but as a mom, I've been stuck countless time in traffic, on a check-out line, or at the doctor's office with a bored cranky kid. At those times I'd gladly shell out a buck for an episode of something- ANYTHING- that will keep Junior entertained and quiet. They are probably also banking, quite literally, on the crowd that hasn't quite figured out that spending one dollar twenty times costs MORE than shelling out ten bucks. Pam

Comment: Not gone- just slowly disappearing (Score 2, Insightful) 6

by wombat1966 (#33373010) Attached to: The Rise and Fall of Quicksand In the Movies
They are watching the WRONG movies. It was used very recently in a made-for-TV movie "The Wizards of Waverly Place", which was written, apparently, by a couple of college guys with a case or two of beer and the complete viewing library of 'The Brady Bunch" AND "Gilligan's Island." My kids loved it. I was half-hoping for a special guest appearance from Vincent Price. Alas, I was disappointed. Pam

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