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+ - Is Linux suitable for you? find it here.

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An anonymous reader writes: Linux is not good for everybody, is it good for you? From its firsts days Linux started as a Operating system used mostly for server applications, now it is used for lots of Desktop applications among the server applications, but it is not yet suitable for all scenarios, read more

Why Are T1 Lines Still Expensive? 556

Posted by Cliff
from the unpredictable-market-forces dept.
badfrog asks: "Over the last 10 years, DSL and cable modem has upped its speed (although in some instances only slightly) and dropped its price. However, the price of a T1 has stayed almost exactly the same. If you had asked me 10 years ago, I would have predicted any geek that wanted to would have fiber or their own T1 line to the house by now. What is with this sad state of affairs that a 'business class' 1.544Mbit connection is hundreds of dollars more than a 6Mbit cable connection? Is it a legitimate case that a high upload rate should increase cost so significantly?"
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Journal: My adventure with Ubuntu 7.04

Journal by travist120
Through the many years of oddities and wonders, I have never come across a linux distro that could fit my computing needs. Distro after distro, I would find something else wrong. The usual case was that not one distribution could easily be configured to use my Linksys card. With no access to the internet, and no easy way of doing things without a trip to the ever so confusing NdisWrapper. I backed away.

Until I met Ubuntu 7.04

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