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Comment: Re:Please (Score 1) 947

by wjh31 (#45224729) Attached to: How Safe Is Cycling?
Judging by the image results on searching his name, Andy Pruitt does wear a helmet. Of course a helmet doesn't prevent injuries to the hip (in fact may increase them by risk normalisation) but what additional injuries may have been prevented by wearing the helmet.

Comment: Use in driving tests? (Score 2) 233

by wjh31 (#45089015) Attached to: Ford Showcases Self-Parking Car Technology
I dont know about other countries, but in the UK maneuvers such as reverse and parallel parking can be part of the test, i wonder what the stance is if you have a car capable of doing it for you in the test? Maybe not too common now, but in the future... For that matter how about self driving cars in general, at what point do you stop needing a license in order to 'operate' it one operation becomes merely telling it where to go.

Comment: Re:What is the point of this? (Score 1) 123

by wjh31 (#45060505) Attached to: LG Announces Mass Production of Flexible OLED Phone Displays
I think the OP was taking issue with the flexibility, not the OLED. If the screen is to be flexible, this only becomes useful if everything else it's attached to is also flexible, in this case the glass protective screen, but actually also the electronic circuits it is to be attached to. If flexible screens can become mass produced so they are cheap enough to ship to consumers, then we may start to see some of the stuff that has been shown off as concept for years, e.g a fold up ( or roll up ( screen

Personally i see the fold up being realistic as it is essentially based on the clam shell that has been popular in the past, whereas the roll up screen would require the electronics be fit into a different, potentially smaller package as well has having the issue of supporting the screen while extended

Comment: Will they allow the reverse? (Score 4, Insightful) 182

by wjh31 (#45046229) Attached to: Microsoft Reportedly Seeks To Put Windows Phone On Android Devices
To be able to have the choice of OS on your device is a good thing, maybe you like the S3 but like windows OS. or you like the nokia lumia hardware but prefer andoid. Now its never going to be allowed to happen with iphone/iOS but choice of OS on other devices can only be a good thing

Comment: antibioticas for viral = bad (Score 0) 240

by wjh31 (#43243879) Attached to: Most UK GPs Have Prescribed Placebos
im all for giving a placebo to people where appropriate, they have been shown to be a powerful cure-all. However using antibiotics to treat a viral infection is only going to hasten antibiotic immunity, sure a doctor should know better than that.

Also, does this mean that pharmacists keep a stock of placebos?

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