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Comment Firefox 1.0 (Score 2) 113

I also remember when Firefox was toted as the light and speedy version of Mozilla.

I remember when I could run Firefox on a USB stick with less than 100MB memory usage! And 200MB with the flash plugin!

They've always had customization, addons, extensions, and everything else. As time went on however, in handling all those APIs, it slows down. Then, some of the addon authors slow it down even more. Maybe it's because they use Javascript for everything?

I know this is a totally vague question, but it went from slim to bloated fast.

Submission + - Sexually Transmitted Virus Sterilizes Insects While Encouraging Mating->

cold fjord writes: National Geographic reports, "Why would a sterile male cricket mate with an infertile female? On the surface, this behaviour makes no sense: sex takes energy and effort, and there’s nothing in it for either of these partners. Neither one can foster the next generation. Shelley Adamo from Dalhousie University has the answer. Her team have shown that one particular insect virus can sterilise crickets, but also change their behaviour so they continue to mate with each other. By doing so, they pass the virus on to uninfected hosts. This virus is the latest example of parasitic mind control ... Scientists have now documented hundreds of such manipulators." — TED2014 Video
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Submission + - WiFi Pineapple Hacking Device Sells Out at DEF CON->

darthcamaro writes: At the recent DEF CON conference over the weekend, vendor were selling all kinds of gear. But one device stood out from all the others, the WiFi Pineapple — an all in one WiFi hacking device that costs only $80 (a lot cheaper than a PwnPlug) and powered by a very vibrant open source community of users. Pineapple creator Darren Kitchen said that 1.2 Pineapple's per minute were sold on the first day of DEF CON (and then sold out). The Pineapple run it's own Linux, based on OpenWRT, is packed with open source tools including Karma, DNS Spoof, SSL Strip, URL Snarf, Ngrep and more and is powered by g a 400MHz Atheros AR9331 MIPS processor, 32MB of main memory and a complete 802.11 b/g/n stack.
Is this a tool that will be used for good — or for evil?

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Comment Obituaries (Side Story) (Score 2, Interesting) 171

I was at a rummage sale looking around, when I spotted a rather spiffy blue briefcase. After purchasing it, I took it home and was loading it with a few things when I noticed a small square of paper. It was the obituary for the person who had owned it before. Talk about creepy.

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