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Ohio Study Confirms Voting Systems Vulnerabilities 91

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bratgitarre writes "A comprehensive study of electronic voting systems (PDF) by vendors ES&S, Hart InterCivic and Premier (formerly Diebold) found that 'all of the studied systems possess critical security failures that render their technical controls insufficient to guarantee a trustworthy election'. In particular, they note all systems provide insufficiently protection against threats from election insiders, do not follow well-known security practices, and have 'deeply flawed software maintenance' practices." Some of these machines are the ones California testers found fault with last week.

+ - XP SP3 White paper released 1

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duggi writes "XP SP3 has been released. Would you like to upgrade? Note that Microsoft is not rubbing its users on their heads with IE7 by not including it in this pack.If they want to make XP more secure, and IE7 is more secure, why are they not pushing it?"
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+ - CCP destroys users' OS with patch->

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An anonymous reader writes "CCP's new trinity patch for EVE Online has an option to upgrade to "premium graphics." However, the patching file that upgrades the game to premium graphics deletes the user's boot.ini file from the partition the game is installed in. For the less technically inclined (not the slashdot readership, but whatever) this makes the computer unable to boot up after restarting."
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