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+ - Danish Scientists MakeTupperware Bulletproof Vests

Submitted by SoyChemist
SoyChemist (1015349) writes "The Wired Science blog has a report about a new bulletproof material that is made from polyethylene, the same polymer that grocery bags and laundry baskets are made from. Dynema is an extremely high molecular weight variety of the common plastic. It has been used for about fifteen years in bulletproof fabrics. Apparently, researchers at DSM were able to hack the manufacturing process and squeeze a lot more performance out of it. It has a higher strength to weight ratio than Kevlar and will not decompose in a humid environment like the Zylon bulletproof vests that were recently recalled after a police officer was injured when his vest failed to stop a bullet. On a side note, slashdot should really have a materials science topic."
The Internet

+ - Mount Your Server Racks on the Wall

Submitted by
1sockchuck writes "A New Zealand company is selling wall-mounted server racks that can hold up to five 1U servers, which are mounted vertically on a swinging hinge that allows easy access for cabling and maintenance. The unit can be bolted to a wall and includes an internal fan system for cooling. There's a video demo from the Interop show floor. The system was developed for a company that wanted servers available at a construction site. It's being marketed for remote branch offices and instant offsite backup for disaster recovery."

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