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Comment A few along the way (Score 1) 363

In order east to west:
Corning museum of glass - great combo of science, history, and art (Corning ny)
Wright Patterson air force museum (outside Dayton oh)
OK city cowboy museum - another great combo of science, art, history - home of worlds largest barbed-wire collection
Kansas city WW1 museum- a highly interactive modern museum
Of course there are many more, but these are my favs

Social Networks

The Importance — and Limits — of Very Large Data Sets 17

New submitter kodiaktau writes "A recently presented paper discusses how large data sets can improve learning algorithms, but points out that researchers still need to account for bias and incompleteness before drawing conclusions. The paper also goes into the need for responsible business practices to manage these data sets. 'There's been the emergence of a philosophy that big data is all you need. We would suggest that, actually, numbers don't speak for themselves.' The full paper is available through SSRN. Of particular importance is their assertion that even huge data sets can and will be affected by filters or the analyst who is interpreting it. '[Study co-author Kate Crawford] notes that many big data sets — particularly social data — come from companies that have no obligation to support scientific inquiry. Getting access to the data might mean paying for it, or keeping the company happy by not performing certain types of studies.'"

Comment Very Strange (Score 1) 7

Someone in the marketing department blew it on this one - I think they would have done better to syndicate PRNewswire or a proper corporate blog or something.

Maybe real AMD employees will take over and post interesting technological bits like IBM does on their DeveloperWorks site. Now _that_ would be interesting reading...

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