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Roku Finally Gets a 2D Menu System 80

Posted by samzenpus
from the new-look dept.
DeviceGuru writes "Many of us have griped for years about Roku's retro one-dimensional user interface. Finally, in conjunction with the release of the new Roku 3 model, the Linux-based media streaming player is getting a two-dimensional facelift, making it quicker and easier to access favorite channels and find new ones. Current Roku users, who will now begin suffering from UI-envy, will be glad to learn that Roku plans to push out a firmware update next month to many earlier models, including the Roku LT, Roku HD (model 2500R), Roku 2 HD, Roku 2 XD, Roku 2 XS, and Roku Streaming Stick. A short demo of the new 2D Roku menu system is available in this YouTube video."

Comment: Boardgamers Rock! (Score 1) 192

by wikthemighty (#39928607) Attached to: How Long Before the Kickstarter Bubble Bursts?
Boardgamers are a perfect example for Kickstarter as they're already used to various pre-order systems. For example, I play Advanced Squad Leader. Printing a niche product for a is a big risk for a small company who have day jobs, so they have their where they state a minimum number of said product that needs to be sold to break even - once enough people pledge to buy that product goes into the production queue. Win-win situation for everybody, and I'm looking forward to seeing more successful projects from it.

Comment: Not a bubble at all... (Score 1) 192

by wikthemighty (#39921169) Attached to: How Long Before the Kickstarter Bubble Bursts?
Seems Kickstarter is more like business used to be... create an idea, shop it around to get capitol to market said idea. This is just a way to show your idea to the entire internet at once, and get small (but numerous) bits of capitol instead of a lot from one (or a few) investors. It'll work great for some, and not for others - the main thing it changes is the chance to get financial backing directly from people interested, instead of having to go through a large publisher like EA.

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