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Comment Splashtop - iPhone - Apple TV (Score 1) 1

VPN to the PC from a tablet/phone then mirror to the TV.

At home I use Splashtop on my PC to my iPhone, screen mirror to my AppleTV, bluetooth keyboard.

I'm sure you could do better with a device like a Fire TV with a wireless keyboard & mouse plugged into it, but I had all of the above already. ;)

Comment They're not always like this (Score 1) 363

Some lights have separate segments where it's only straight or only left-turn. Pedestrians only have the walk sign during the straight traffic.

As for all others (or pretty much any situation) pedestrians have right-of-way. Seems that's true even if they're jaywalking, crossing against the light, riding a bike across the crosswalk, etc.

Comment I've seen it change... (Score 2) 363

I have seen routes evolve on Google Maps - i.e. where it started to learn side roads and other shortcuts.

Granted, the two examples I can think of changed over a period of at least a year, and might not be as noticeable as after you've driven a route a few times, you might not be using Google Maps the next time you drive it.

Also, there's the "a faster route has become available" which will pop up, mostly due to reported accidents and changing traffic patterns.

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