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Comment: Re:WTF? (Score 1) 543

by wierdling (#44301927) Attached to: Visual Studio vs. Eclipse: a Programmer's Comparison
Android studio ( is your friend. I am a hard core vs user (hey, it pays the bills) and was tasked with whipping up a proof of concept android application. Android Studio made it every bit as easy as using vs. And on the plus side I get to work with Java again (call me odd but I kinda like that language).

Comment: something else to check out. (Score 2, Informative) 377

by wierdling (#31090802) Attached to: What Objects To Focus On For School Astronomy?
Although it isn't actually looking at the objects with your own telescope, all of the data that the Hubble Space Telescope creates is free to the public. To use the data you will need a copy of Adobe Photoshop, but once you have that it can be great fun to create the same sort of images you see from the Hubble Heritage site. To use the data (that you get in fits format) in Photoshop, you need to download the "Fits Liberator" from the site (check the projects tab). You can then get the data from (you will have to create an account).

Comment: Re:Hubble? I don't think so (Score 5, Informative) 149

by wierdling (#30868228) Attached to: Space Photos Taken From Shed Stun Astronomers
As someone who processes Hubble data for viewing (I am working on one right now), pretty much every image you see like the ones he show are "enhanced". They are taken through (generally) 3 narrow band filters for nebulae, and 3 wide band for galaxies. If you check his images, he even shows what filters he used.
And NASA isn't the only group putting out viewable Hubble images. The ESA publishes quite a few (which get published through the Hubble Heritage site). Check out The lovely full view of Orion was done by them.

Comment: Re:First pirate! (Score 0) 762

by wierdling (#29855323) Attached to: App Store Developer Speaks Out On Game Piracy
I don't pirate to "try before you buy". I pirate because I can't afford the software, and I need it (want it?). But, I have purchased 3 rather high dollar 3D graphics programs that I pirated. I purchased them because I liked them, and when I managed to get the cash together, I wanted to make sure that the company that made them got some of my scratch. Sure, I could have only stuck with what I could afford at the time, but then I would only be using Truespace, and the other 3 companies (Truespace was what turned me on to graphic art, me and my brother purchased it back in 96, the other three I pirated before I purchased) would not have gotten any money out of me.

So to say it is total bullshit is not correct. Some of us really do purchase the software we pirate first. It just takes awhile.

+ - Vista destroys image data of RAW files

Submitted by Anonymous Reader
Anonymous Reader (666) writes "Canon has advised that the original image data of RAW images (such as title, subject, rating, tags, comments) shot with an EOS-1D or EOS-1Ds cameras may be lost when images are rotated or edited using Windows Explorer or Windows Gallery on Vista. The support notice can be found here"

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