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Comment No (and maybe yes) (Score 1) 605

I worked in college admissions for a little over a year; I also graduated from the same school. Our admissions standards rose considerably from where they were when I applied (in 2006) to the most recent class of applicants. So the bar for admission, at least at some schools (we were a large state school) is rising.

Comment Definitely not too late (Score 1) 184

The market at the moment is basically the iPhone vs. a collection oversized, outdated, poorly-skinned Android phones. For all the "choice" there is supposed to be on the Android side of things, I can't think of one single phone that doesn't require you to compromise in some way. So no, it's not too late. It's absolutely possible for one (or two, or three) manufacturers to release a platform that features phones of consistent quality. The problem is lies solely in getting app developers onboard.

Comment Probably for the best (Score 2) 97

This is great news. It's frustrating to look at the lineup of Android handsets and see all the different ways the various OEMs have taken a good platform and ruined it. It's even more frustrating when you find the magical Phone That Doesn't Suck and ask yourself if/when it's going to get OS updates. Android is a mess and Google needs to take back some control.

Submission + - Missing e-mail

Antony-Kyre writes: Since Microsoft hasn’t been of any help, I’m asking Slashdot. Ever since they switched from the previous look to that “Outlook” look in Hotmail, I haven’t received any spam. This isn’t spam I block. This is spam I’m collecting that I’d like to eventually report and/or investigate (long story). It’s been days now (not opening any messages to check the last time I received e-mail), and I don’t know what to do. I usually expect perhaps dozens a week, but unless a spam network was recently taken down, I figure Hotmail is blocking e-mail at its source. Has anyone else been having similar problems?

Comment Re:Valve wants to be the Linux App Store (Score 1) 768

And I share their worry, because I don't believe Microsoft's store can be as good as Steam (especially wrt the sales), but nothing Microsoft is doing is inherently bad. It's competition, plain and simple. If Steam can't exist alongside the Windows Store then it's quite simply not good enough. And I'm saying that as a person who loves Steam (and thinks Gabe is overreacting like a god damn child and should just focus on making a good product).

Comment Re:user friendly? (Score 1) 286

Actually, that doesn't make any sense at all. We're talking about sharing something with a specific person; why would I post it on my wall and then tag them in it? Why not just put it on THEIR wall because I want THEM to see it? The "Facebook way" is the better way, obviously. Google+ will accept that eventually, much like how a lot of their features were originally different from Facebook for no reason other than to be not Facebook.

Comment Re:So you're telling me (Score 1) 308

This thing has a Vista-rushed-to-market feel about it.

Thanks for being explicitly clear about what you mean. People are continually comparing Windows 8 to Vista in completely insane ways, but this is one example I can agree with. It feels like Microsoft are rushing a lot of what they do these days. I mean, shit, I owned a Zune, I currently own a Windows Phone, and I love both. I think Metro is a great UI and has huge potential on tablets (I tried the beta on my desktop, and while it's surprisingly decent with a mouse/keyboard, I'm still not optimistic). But they really need to make sure it gets the appropriate level of polish before they put it out to market. I'll just sum it up this way: they can't expect to deal with the tablet or desktop market the same way they've dealt with the Windows Phone 7 to 8 transition and expect to have any level of success.

Comment "Gateway" theory is still irrelevant (Score 5, Insightful) 459

The idea of a specific drug being a "gateway" to others is incredibly misleading. Alcohol and weed are the obvious places to start because they're the easiest to obtain. You're going to get to harder drugs eventually if you're that type of person, but no one is just going to start at heroin.

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