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by whodunit (#46342227) Attached to: Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation
Tell him to fuck off. I serve Democrats at work all day. I know they're Democrats by their pins, bumper stickers, etc. I don't like Democrats much, I don't like them at all. I don't feel an overwhelming need to act like a fucking asshole about it and get in their face because they dare have a different opinion then I do. People afflicted with such holier-then-thou attitudes (often literally) are the real problem; its their conviction that they're Right, above all reproach, that we need to worry about.

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by whodunit (#45744467) Attached to: Will You Even Notice the Impending Robot Uprising?
I'm one of those very people who will shout you down by yelling MARXIST! IN fact, I have done it elsewhere in comments on this very story! And I am right, it is Marxist... ... but "Marxist" means "Marxist," not "wrong." If you think Marxism has a point or some observations worth value, please do call people like me out. Robotics is "means of production" and "ownership of labor" rolled into one - its exactly what Marxist theory is all about! I believe that history has soundly refuted Marxism to the point where I don't feel obligated to explain why every time I mention it - but that doesn't mean I'm exempt from having to back up my argument if someone DOES challenge me on it! By all means, challenge - many people express opinions they don't truly understand because they're "accepted" truths that are never challenged; those people are just as ignorant as any other.

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"Manna" starts out with a very interesting take on how Artificial Intelligence/automation might affect low-skilled labor in a manner very different then "traditional" predictions; but it soon devolves into the same old worn-out Luddite bullshit with a generous side-helping of classic Marxist paranoia. In a post-scarcity society where armies of tireless, self-repairing robots can provide 100% of needed labor, what happens? A paradise on earth where nobody has to work for a living? No, of course not, those EVIL CAPITALISTS lock all the "poor" people in dungeons made of literal dirt because they're evil and like to see people suffer! Unlike the liberated wonderful citizens of Australia, who implement post-scarcity society along with some neat little improvements - such as slicing out a chunk of your spinal cord and replacing it with a computer, allowing the government to monitor your every waking moment, through your own damn eyes, and literally shut you down like a stolen car with On-Star the second you do something they don't want. In the story, that last little breathtaking bit of Orwellian nightmare is expressed in breathless tones of approval, by the way. Skip Manna. It's crap, and it adds very, very little to intelligent discourse on this subject. But then again, so do most comments in threads like these. For a site supposedly populated by tech nerds, every story on Robotics draws Luddite comments like moths to a flame.

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by whodunit (#45294823) Attached to: Edward Snowden's New Job: Tech Support
When Snowden first started leaking intel, it almost all pertained to the blatantly illegal and overreaching domestic surveillance of US citizens. Now that Snowden is in Russia, being offered jobs by Russian firms, his leaks are ones that greatly embarrass the US on the international level and spoil relations between the US and its NATO allies. This isn't a coincidence. The Russians snapped up Snowden the instant he landed in their territory, and now he's entirely dependent on them - even for a livelyhood, now. I wonder just who has custody of that laptop with all the encrypted files he was toting around, at this very moment. Even if Snowden still has physical possession of it, I rather suspect the Russians are the ones making "suggestions" about how he uses the data therein. He started this as a whistleblower - and he might well still be one, but I doubt he's calling the shots anymore.

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by whodunit (#44417053) Attached to: "Slingatron" To Hurl Payloads Into Orbit
Anybody claiming that this system cannot put a rocket motor into orbit is wrong. The military has been usung rocket-assisted artillery shells for a long while now, as well as GPS guided shells. Right there, you have enough tech to put a solid rocket motor into orbit with enough control and telemetry to establish stable LEO.

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by whodunit (#43835111) Attached to: Google Glass: What's With All the Hate?

People keep on comparing Glass to bluetooth headsets without actually reflecting on why we hate them. It bears repeating: we hate them because of those several awkward seconds where you try to reply, thinking you're being addressed. The "asshole" part comes when the headset user says something like "hold on, this guy thinks I'm talking to him" or something else that implies you're an idiot for not immediately recognizing the headset. It's embarrassing, and insulting, and dismissive. In short, it takes basic social conventions and protocol and rudely slugs it in the face. Said social conventions, even the customary "good morning" a fuel station clerk greets you with, is lubricant for the social gears of society, and those headset users are sand in the works. It's not the headsets at all - its the people using them that never apologize for the misconceptions they cause, or politely put their conversation on hold when they walk up to a pay window.

Everyone screams and wails about being "recorded in public," which I find hilarious, considering how much we're already recorded, tracked and observed. If you're in public, people can record you freely, and no court of law is going to give a rats ass that somebody was able to SEE you when you went walking around on a public sidewalk. No, the real discomfort comes from having a computer screen between you and the person you're talking to. Google Glass is the first step towards things like augmented reality and other such technologies; but the precedent we've all learned from is the Arrogant Headset Asshole; and so naturally that's the first association we make.

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