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Comment: Re:Duh? (Score 3, Insightful) 327

Seriously? I hope you don't own a company that solely generates revenue from long and short-term contracts. Your customer demands you live up to the terms of your own contract, you lose in a court case, and then you (potentially) illegally breach the contract again? Nice. I hope everyone threatens AT&T. I work in the telecom industry, and "most people" only know the tip of the iceberg about AT&T...

Comment: Re:1% are failing us again (Score 1) 57

by whatkey (#38865257) Attached to: SEC Takes Action Against Latvian Hacker
I'm not saying that, I think you misunderstood. I'm talking about that website ( and how it's essentially useless. Comparing my US salary to a salary in 2nd/3rd world countries is apples to oranges. It's ignoring basic economic differences such as cost of living and cost of goods/services (among many more).

Comment: Applications (Score 1) 478

by whatkey (#38134908) Attached to: Are There Any Smartphones That Respect Privacy?
What worries me more than Google is definitely the apps. Pretty sure most of the apps now ask for permission to read contacts, text messages, etc. It's all good and fine if it makes sense that the app needs that type of access...but why does a dictionary app need to know my location? I think it's these third parties we need to worry about more. I think Google needs to allow Android users to deny apps certain permissions.

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