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Comment: Re:Less eye candy (Score 1) 426

by wh1pp3t (#40051033) Attached to: Aero Glass UI No More On Windows 8

At least they scaled back the window borders a tad, I thought the borders were unforgiveably large.

However, the window borders still look pretty gigantic compared to other platforms.

I forget exactly where to do it since I've gone back to Windows 7 -- but I believe if you change the font size (in windows appearance options) to normal (100%), the borders and buttons will follow to a normal size. The default out of box was 125% IIRC.

Comment: Yup. Just like Netflix (Score 1) 146

by wh1pp3t (#35078686) Attached to: OnLive Aiming To Become Netflix of Games
Keyword here is PlayPack.
The $9.99 monthly subscription will give acces to select games, not their entire catalog. So yes, they are definitely similar to Netflix, where your streaming options are limited to many documentarys (many of which are excellent) and older movies.
I actually purchased a few games through OnLive because I own a notebook -- the service works quite well. My gaming rig days are over, I'm not a DRM zealot and I will pay for convienence. And it is nice to just turn on a game without installing it (using my SSD space), waste some time, then turn it off and get back to work or family.
Input Devices

Kinect Creators To Make PC Controller 96

Posted by Soulskill
from the platform-agnostic-arm-flailing dept.
Hugh Pickens writes "PrimeSense, the privately held Israeli company that licensed core Kinect technology to Microsoft, is teaming up with PC and peripheral maker Asus to create a similar device for the PC that can be used for browsing multimedia content and accessing the Internet and social networks — basically, the main things consumers use their PCs for. Last month, a Korean game developer claimed that Microsoft was working on a version of Kinect for the PC, but Microsoft hasn't confirmed any such plans."

Comment: Re:Wrong. They should mail in the system to MS (Score 1) 111

by wh1pp3t (#34070788) Attached to: Early Kinect Games Kill Buyers' Access To Xbox Live

Your point regarding how impatient and dependent people get about online services is very valid.
However I stated the retailer should provide the extra membership. None of this is the fault of Microsoft (unless the product was purchased directly from them, which of course is not in this case).

Comment: Re:Oh Noes... (Score 3, Interesting) 111

by wh1pp3t (#34070128) Attached to: Early Kinect Games Kill Buyers' Access To Xbox Live

So why should customers suffer for the retailers mistake?

Then the retailer should make it right. Perhaps provide an extra year of XBox Live for the inconvienence.
It's not like the accounts are blacklisted; the users cannot log into XBox Live until Microsoft releases the updated dashboard.

Comment: Re:Really??? (Score 1) 585

by wh1pp3t (#34042816) Attached to: Microsoft Is a Dying Consumer Brand

Windows Phone 7 is almost certainly better than Windows Mobile, but who cares? No one is going to develop for it. Balmer has been right all along, it really is about "Developers Developers Developers." Developers are not likely to start churning out apps for WP7 anytime soon. The pragmatic ones will wait and see if anyone buys a WP7 phone first, which they won't because there aren't any apps.

I recall many, many people claiming the same about Android; Apple had such a head start, there is no way Android would catch up or even gain traction.

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