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Comment Re:In other words, quit buying Red Hat Linux (Score 1) 126

Why isn't this article entitled "Red Hat Linux executive tells the sheeple to quit buying Red Hat Linux - there are plenty of identical and cheaper alternatives available?"

Because it wouldn't be true?

Of the myriad changes found in RHEL 7, a few are certain to cause consternation. First and foremost of those is the move to the Systemd system and process manager. This represents a major departure from Red Hat's -- and Linux's -- history and from the tried-and-true Unix philosophy of using simple, modular tools for critical infrastructure components. Systemd replaces the simplicity of Init scripts with a major management system that offers new features and capabilities but adds significant complexity.

Both sides of the Systemd divide have their adherents, but in RHEL 7, the Systemd argument has clearly won. I believe, however, that this will ultimately rankle many veteran Linux admins, and we may be on the road to a real schism in the RHEL community and in the Linux world at large.

Review: RHEL 7 lands with a jolt [August 2014]

Comment News For Nerds Who Never Left Mom's Basement (Score 2) 1818

Slashdot was "News for Nerds"
Lately though, half the posts are some SJW topic.
Bring back the tech.

You can't have news sections of general interest like "Your Rights Online" and ignore gender issues in tech. You can't be a professional in tech and ignore gender issues in education or in the workplace.

Comment Tracking 40,000 Web Sites + 430 search engines. (Score 2) 311

Many websites are blocking Windows XP as it doesn't support stronger than SHA-1 certs so the numbers will be skewed.

But not enough to matter.

We collect data from the browsers of site visitors to our exclusive on-demand network of HitsLink Analytics and SharePost clients.
The network includes over 40,000 websites, and spans the globe.
We 'count' unique visitors to our network sites, and only count one unique visit to each network site per day. This is part of our quality control process to prevent fraud, and ensure the most accurate portrayal of Internet usage market share.

The data is compiled from approximately 160 million unique visits per month.
The information published on is an aggregation of the data from this network of hosted website traffic statistics.

In addition, we classify 430+ referral sources identified as search engines. Aggregate traffic referrals from these engines are summarized and reported monthly. The statistics for search engines include both organic and sponsored referrals.

These statistics include monthly information on key statistics such as browser trends (e.g. Internet Explorer vs. Firefox market share), search engine referral data (e.g. Yahoo vs. Bing vs. Google traffic market share) and operating system share (Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux market share or even the iOS market share vs. Android) The data is made available free of charge on a monthly basis that includes monthly usage market share and trends for browsers, operating systems and search engines.

I would like to see some examples of sites which are blocking XP and draw numbers on the scale of, let us say,, CNN, Fox News, Disney or Universal Studios.

Comment Overpass is a web font. (Score 1) 182

Open Source highway gothic font created by Red Hat.

In a crowded and eye-searing web page, Red Hat describes Overpass is a web font family "inspired" by Highway Gothic. In truly microscopic type, Red Hat concludes by saying that "Today's enterprise brands all have distinct typographic expressions. In the software arena, Overpass is strongly aligned to [the] Red Hat brand."

To me, this reads as something less than an unqualified commitment to open source licensing. What matters now, however, is that nowhere does Red Hat endorse the use of Overpass for highway signage. It wasn't designed or tested for that purpose.

Comment Something less than a rounding error. (Score 4, Informative) 182

Jurisdictions that adopt Clearview must purchase a standard license for type, a one-time charge of between $175 (for one font) and $795 (for the full 13-font typeface family) and up, depending on the number of workstations.

That doesn't seems like a very good use of tax money, for something that can be nondestructively reused once created.

To install a sign:

All costs listed are for a complete sign assembly in place, including all legend, fabricating, transportation, labor, hardware, and painting of posts.

Sign panels:

Regulatory/Warning/Marker: $15 to 18 / sq.ft.
Large Guide Signs: $20 to 25 / sq.ft.
Electronic Variable Message Sign: $50,000 to $150,000 each.

Sign Posts:

U-Channel: $125 to $200 each
Square Tube (Telespar): $10 to $15 per foot
Large Steel Breakaway Posts: $15 to $30 per foot
Cantilever Sign: $15,000 to $20,000 each
Sign Bridge: $30,000 to $60,000 each


Square Tube: $150 - $250 each
Breakaway Post: $250 to $750 each
Cantilever / Bridge: $6,000 - $7,000 each

STOP signs are considered among the most expensive signs. Due to their critical importance in intersection safety, they must be replaced as soon as is reasonably feasible - even if that means driving 300+ miles round trip at 3 AM, at $1.00 per mile for the truck, and $25-$40 per hour overtime for each sign crewperson. Taking this into account, a simple $75 STOP sign suddenly becomes a $500+ item.

Engineering costs with respect to signing are more difficult to define. If a 3 month study results in installation of only 3 signs, it may not be equitable to charge the whole egineering cost to those installations. Normally, engineering costs are treated separately, but if there is a need to take them into account, then a rule of thumb estimate is engineering cost = 10% to 15% of construction cost.

Costs of Traffic Signs

Comment Pay the man and be done with it. (Score 1) 165

Precision manufacturing and economies of scale work against you.

The making of a Lego brick requires very high temperatures and enormous pieces of equipment, so machines, rather than people handle most of their creation.

When the ABS granules arrive at Lego manufacturing facilities, they're vacuumed into several storage silos. The average Lego plant has about fourteen silos, and each can hold about 33 tons of ABS granules. When production begins, the granules travel through tubes to the injection molding machines. The machines use very accurate molds --- their precision tolerance is often as little as 0.002 millimeters.

How Lego Bricks Work

Comment Stupid PR Stunts Change Nothing. (Score 1) 255

A British filmmaker has forced the people who decide how to censor films to watch a 10-hour movie of paint drying on a wall following a protest fundraising campaign.

Does viewing the film imply viewing the whole of it in real time --- or that it can't be broken down into smaller, more manageable, pieces that can be screened independently?

The easiest way to put an end to stunts like this is to blandly give your grass-growing documentary an inoffensive rating without any further comment.

Comment Re:You're talking to the wrong guy. (Score 0) 127

Then "the others" need to learn that without the white hats bringing things to attention, the criminal scum would already be abusing them left, right, and center. If you prefer your security by obscurity, good luck.

You still don't get it. This isn't about "security through obscurity." It is about Shodan.

It is about how the geek is perceived by others. It is about how he undermines relationships with those outside his own community for what he perceives to be the greater good.

Comment You're talking to the wrong guy. (Score 1) 127

Because sweeping this under the rug means bad guys won't ever attack these devices. *rolls eyes* Their point won't have been made until these *groan* IoT *groan* device making shitheads secure their crapware.

The geek makes this argument whenever one of his pet "white hat" hacking projects is clearly open to abuse.

The problem here is that the argument appeals only to other geeks --- not to those who see only an invasion of privacy made possible --- made easier --- by a search engine like Shodan. That a door was unlocked or the lock was broken does not imply a right to enter.

The geek needs to learn that others see him as the shithead whether he is wearing the white hat or the black.

Comment Run that by me again. (Score 2) 214

Older drivers are prized because they usually own their own cars, have adequate auto insurance and, according to insurance statistics, have fewer crashes.

Fewer crashes because they are on the road less often?

Male drivers 65+ average 10,000 miles on the road a year. That is about 9,000 miles less than males aged 35-54. Average Annual Miles per Driver by Age Group [Feb 2015]

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