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Submission Obama pushes for more H1B visas->

SuhlScroll writes: President Obama and the White House have announced an initiative to import more foreign STEM workers into the United States. This despite a poll conducted in October of 2011 by the Washington Post ( indicating that a majority of Americans do not favor this policy, and a recent inquiry by a woman at an online question and answer forum with the President in which she asked him why her husband, a semiconductor engineer, could not find employment (
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Comment Re:Useless (Score 1) 250

Yes, stealing trade secrets is boring and open and shut so lets talk about HFT like everyone else.

Every trade changes the market, and HFT systems spamming a market with thousands of trade requests they never intend to make is far more market manipulating than taking advantage of a bug in a robot someone stupidly turned loose with their money. The whole purpose of HFT is manipulating everything in a very small way where these Norwegians manipulated 1 trader in a big way. All of the HFT systems manipulate each other in exactly the same way and if they find a way to take advantage of each other, you better believe that they will be milking it until it gets fixed.

Comment Re:Antennas and Cradles (Score 1) 588

GP's idea would make the reception worse, and yours would make it even worse than GP's idea. The whole point of antennae is that they are the right length to do their job. You don't want them shorter (giving an iphone the finger) or longer (connecting metal crap to other parts of the phone). Basically this phone needs to have the antenna disconnected and replaced with a regular one inside if there is any space.

Be careful when a loop exits to the same place from side and bottom.